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Community Corrections Center

Detention planning in Spokane County is focused on a positive goal: To Improve offender outcomes. As such, the county plans not only to replace the aging and inefficient Geiger Corrections Center with a safe and modern facility, but to construct a program based facility.

The Community Corrections Center (CCC) is a non-secure supervised re-entry facility that offers a program-based, community-oriented alternative to jail. The CCC provides a step-down from jail for sentenced inmates, and can also serve as a direct sanction or diversion option for the courts.

The Community Corrections Center prepares inmates for successful community reentry. Inmates residing at the Center work at regular jobs and then return to the facility to sleep and attend treatment programs. The Center provides a positive and structured environment in which to learn and test new skills and chart a successful path for the future.

The principal goal is to facilitate successful re-entry to the community. Benefits to the system include:

  • Lower cost alternatives to jail
  • Improved outcomes
  • Added jail management flexibility
  • Increased options for judges

A Community Corrections Center is an integral part of the overall improvements we’re making to Spokane County’s corrections system. Research demonstrates that neither supervision nor sanctions alone produce long-term reductions. In recidivism, neither a Jail or a CCC by itself effect long term change. It is the combination of effective interventions coupled with the promise of swift and certain jail sanctions that makes the difference.

Current community corrections programs are based at the Geiger Corrections Center and include:

  • Parenting
  • Cognitive Programs
  • GED
  • Drug and Alcohol Treatment
  • Community Service
  • Work Crews
  • Work Release

Plans are in place to add Anger Management, Work Search and Computer Skills programs later this year. All of these programs will be based at the downtown Community Correction Center when it is built.