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A Message from the Assessor

Real Property Revaluation Change

May 28, 2014

Spokane County Residents,

The Spokane County Assessor’s Office will mail 203,633 valuation notices on May 30th. Notices will be mailed to all property owners with the exception of government exempt property. Copies of the notices will be posted on the Assessor’s website.

The notice will include a detachable post card that can be mailed to the Assessor’s Office to request a Senior/ Disabled Exemption application.

The Assessor’s Office analyzed 9,987 residential sales to determine the level of assessment for the 2014 assessment year. Generally, real estate sales in 2013 determine property values for the 2014 assessment year which affect 2015 property taxes. The assessment date (appraisal date) is January 1, 2014.

Real estate activity is varied by location and is not uniform throughout the county. For this assessment year, 82,475 single family residences increased in value, 21,402 residential values did not change, and 26,486 residences decreased in value.

Commercial and industrial property generally remained flat with the exception of multi-family housing which has seen increases in value and new construction.

The real property assessment roll increased by 766 million. New construction is totaled and added to the assessment roll in September.

Property tax amounts cannot be determined until levy rates are calculated in January 2015. Levy rates are determined by the amount of spending by the various taxing districts which includes voted and non-voted spending. Last year 46.53% of levies were voter approved.

Our goal is to provide responsive and timely information through the Assessor’s Contact Management System, Website, and Courthouse Customer Service Center. We are continuing to implement new and improved programs to complete our statutory responsibilities in the most accurate and efficient way possible.

Additional information about assessed values and programs that the assessor administers can be found on this website.

Vicki Horton