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Information Request Forms

Spokane County District Court Information Request Forms

There are two versions of Information Request Forms. Please note, both of these forms are able to be filled in, on-screen and then printed out for signature and sending.

  • General Defendant/Case - this Information Request Form should be used for general inquiries relating to specific individuals and/or cases.
  • Other Court/Statistics - this Information Request Form should be used where inquiries are to cover a broader scope, e.g. filings for a period, counts for a period, detailed reports, etc.
  • Administrative Records - this Information Request Form should be used when requesting records relating to the management, supervision, or administration of the Spokane County District Court. Please Note - these  requests are covered by a separate policy and fee schedule Administrative Records Policy.

Please fill out the appropriate form, sign, and mail, deliver, or fax the pages to the court:

Spokane County District Court
PO Box 2352
Spokane WA 99210-2352
Fax: 509-477-6445

Fee Schedule:

For General Defendant/Case inquires - Charge for per page paper cost of any copies provided. (Please see our Fees page for the current charge on this.)

For Other Statistics - We have standard charges defined for these types of more involved request/reports. Currently the fees are:

Administrative Fee $25.00
JIS runtime Fee $10/minute (2 minute minimum)


Paper (hardcopy report)

 (See our fee schedule page)

CD $10.00/each
Email attachment (electronic report) no media charge