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Documents Filed Under Sealed Cover Sheets

Counsel and parties in family law and guardianship cases are required to submit restricted access documents under the Sealed Financial Source Cover sheet, the Sealed Personal Health Care Records Cover sheet, or the Confidential Reports Cover sheet.

Sealed Financial Source Cover Sheet - File all financial source documents under the Sealed Financial Source Cover sheet such as income tax records, W-2s and schedules, wage stubs, credit card statements, financial institution statements, check registers, loan application documents, retirement plan orders and other financial information sealed by court order.

Sealed Personal Health Care Cover Sheet - File all Personal Health Care documents under the Sealed Personal Health Care Cover sheet. Personal Health Care Record means any record or correspondence that contains health information that: (1) relates to the past, present, or future physical or mental health condition of an individual including past, present, or future payments for health care; or (2) involves genetic parentage testing.

Sealed Confidential Report Cover Sheet - Filing of Reports in Family Law and Guardianship cases shall be filed as two separate documents - one public and one sealed. The sealed portion of the report shall be filed under the Sealed Confidential Report Cover Sheet.

(A) Public Document - the public portion of any report shall include a simple listing of materials or information reviewed, individuals contacted, tests conducted or reviewed, and conclusions and recommendations.

(B) Sealed Document - the sealed portion of the report shall include detailed descriptions of material or information gathered or reviewed, detailed descriptions of all statements reviewed or taken, detailed descriptions of tests conducted or reviewed and any analysis to support the conclusions and recommendations. The sealed portion may not be placed in the court file or used as an attachment or exhibit to any other document except under seal.

All financial source documents, personal health care records, or confidential reports filed under the cover sheets will be automatically sealed by the clerk. The other parties in the case, their attorneys and certain other interested persons will have access to the financial documents (See GR 22(C)(2)). If you are concerned for your safety or the safety of the children, you may redact (block out or delete) information that identifies your location.