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Jerry Winkler 

Jerry WinklerAs Principal-in-Charge of INTEGRUS criminal justice and secure facilities projects, Mr. Jerry Winkler works closely with the architectural and engineering team and client representatives to develop operational and facility plans that are specific to the project needs. His understanding of facility operations, knowledge regarding justice facility design and construction approaches, and sensitivity to the balance between security, safety, function, and aesthetics has been instrumental in many successful projects for justice system clients. Mr. Winkler has 34 years of architectural and management experience in all levels of detention/correctional facility design. His up-to-date knowledge and latest research translates into a state-of-the-art project approach.
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Dennis Liebert

Dennis LiebertLiebert & Associates, a criminal justice consulting firm established in 1988, provides pre-architectural programming services for local jurisdictions and states throughout the United States. Dennis Liebert has over 30 years of operations and planning experience in the corrections field. In addition to programming, Liebert & Associates also provides expertise in the following areas: staffing analysis; correctional master planning; security systems; facility evaluation; transition training; project management; operational, management, and direct supervision training; and design review.
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David Bennett

David Bennet David Bennett has twenty-nine years of highly successful consulting experience, independently and for the American Justice Institute and the National Institute of Corrections

  • Advised over 250 criminal justice systems nation-wide
  • Established Salt Lake County Pre-Trial Services
  • Adept at creating economically feasible solutions to jail overcrowding and at alleviating emergency situations
  • Pre-architectural design consultant for jails and court facilities
  • Planner and leader of criminal justice training seminars
  • Exceptionally skilled in data compilation and computer analysis

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