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Washington Funeral Homes

The following is a list of funeral homes located in and around the Spokane County region. Below is a link to funeral homes throughout the State of Washington. Every attempt is made to keep this list up to date.

The appearance of phone numbers and hyperlinks does not constitute endorsement by the Spokane County Medical Examiner's Office.

  • Ball and Dodd    328-5620     
  • Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services of Spokane      467-5496
  • Cheney Funeral Chapel    235-2992                              
  • Community Cremation and Funeral    483-3440   
  • Community Cremation and Funeral - Spokane Valley    926-2020
  • Hazen and Jaeger    327-6666         
  • Hazen and Jaeger - Spokane Valley    924-9700
  • Hennessey Smith Funeral Home    328-2600
  • Hennessey Valley Funeral Home    926-2423
  • Heritage    838-8900
  • Lauer's Funeral Home - Deer Park    276-7000
  • Neptune Society    535-6005
  • Riplinger Funeral Home    483-8558
  • Spokane Cremation and Burial    324-9375
  • Thornhill Valley Funeral Home    924-2211


Please see the link below for funeral home listings throughout Washington State: