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General Information

The General Information section of the Assessor website is here to provide citizens with the latest news, updates, and information available from the Spokane County Assessor's Office. It is a central location with links to articles and statistics focusing on informing and educating the public .

Please contact us If you have a question, comment, or suggestion for an article.

How to Segregate Property

This article provides information for property owners considering property segregation for purposes of development or sale. How to Segregate Property

Destroyed Property

If you have destroyed property this information applies to you.

Property Tax Deferrals

Here is information on deferring your property taxes. Tax Deferral Programs 

Property Tax Exemptions

Here is information concerning property tax exemptions for seniors and disabled citizens. Tax Exemption Programs  

Farm and Agriculture Compliance Review Form

All parcels receiving a property tax deferment from the Open Space Taxation Act while currently classified in the Farm & Ag Program must meet farming income requirements. Click here to see a sample Farm and Ag Compliance Review Form

Farm and Agriculture Compliance Review FAQs

A list of Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!) for Farm and Ag Compliance Reviews. Farm and Agriculture Compliance Review FAQs

Current Use Programs Information and Forms

Here is a compilation of information concerning current use programs. Current Use Program Information and Forms 

2008 Review of the Current Use Program in Spokane County

This is a 2008 Department of Revenue review of current use programs in Spokane County. 2008 Review of the Current use Program in Spokane County  

Farm and Ag Conservation Application Forms

Here is application information concerning farm and ag programs. Farm and Agriculture Conservation Application Forms  

Open Space Taxation Act Review

This is a report prepared by the Office of Farmland Preservation. Open Space Taxation Act Review  

Open Space Rules Under Review

This is a Department of Revenue Bulletin stating it is reexamining Open Space Taxation Rules. Open Space Rules Under Review   

WAC 458-30-317 Farm & Ag Residence

This is the WAC that addresses valuation rules for residences in the Farm & Ag Program. WAC 458-30-317 Farm & Ag Residence