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City and Town Participation

Each of the cities and towns participating in the Spokane County Community Development Block Grant Program has agreed to provide opportunities for participation to their residents in the identification of community development needs and development of priority projects proposed for funding. Because each of the participating cities and towns have their own unique community development needs, the role of citizen involvement may vary from community to community.

Prior to applying for CDBG funds cities and towns are required to:

  • Inform city and town residents of the program objectives, eligible activities, application deadline and the amount of funds potentially available for projects;
  • Conduct at least one public meeting (or other method of soliciting citizen   comments on community development needs) and one public hearing to review the findings on identified community development needs and proposed project(s) or activities;
  • Respond to any written comments, except letters of information and/or support, regarding the small city’s proposals for CDBG project funding; and;
  • Certify that proposed project(s) or activity(ies) are consistent with existing planning documents and community strategies.

Each city or town must document citizen involvement processes and make the documentation available to the Housing and Community Development Division upon request.