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Housing & Community Development Advisory Committee

The Housing and Community Development Advisory Committee (HCDAC) serves as an advisory committee to the Community Services, Housing, and Community Development Department, and through the Department, to the Board of County Commissioners

The purpose of the committee is to provide citizen representatives of Spokane County with the opportunity to participate in, comment on, and review all funding proposals for the Housing and Community Development Division. HCDAC is made up of 17 citizen representatives from throughout Spokane County.  Each of the twelve participating cities and towns in the Urban County Consortium is represented on the Committee by a local resident, mayor, councilperson, or employee.  The remaining  "at large" positions are made up of citizens from the remaining unincorporated areas of the County.

Incorporated area representatives are nominated by their local elected official (Mayor) and receive formal approval and appointment through the Spokane County Board of  Commissioners (BoCC).  Unincorporated area representatives are regularly recruited through the Commissioner's office as positions become open.  

In making Committee appointments, the County Commissioners give special consideration to geographic representation, professional skills, community interest, and representation of the low and moderate-income target populations, including:

  • Elderly
  • Minorities
  • Unemployed Persons
  • Disabled Person
  • Single Heads of Household
  • Youth

Advisory Committee Members

Area Represented Member Name
City of Airway Heights Vacant
City of Cheney Bret Lucas
City of Deer Park Dee Cragun
Town of Fairfield Cheryl Loeffler
Town of Latah Larry LaBolle
City of Liberty Lake Ralph Williams
City of Medical Lake Shirley Maike
Town of Millwood Shaun Culler
Town of Rockford Gary Wagner
Town of Spangle Clyde Sample
City of Spokane Valley Michael S. Comer
City of Spokane Valley Arne Woodard
City of Spokane Valley Tom Hormel
Town of Waverly Dave Stark
At-Large (North) Rusty Barnett
At-Large (North) Jim Carollo
At-Large (North) Vacant
At-Large (North) Vacant


The Housing and Community Development Advisory Committee holds regular monthly meetings on the 2nd Thursday of each month.  Meetings are generally held on the fifth floor, Community Service Building, 312 W. 8th Avenue, Spokane, WA.   All meetings are open and accessible to the public, however public comment is only accepted during "Public Hearing" dates.  Comment is allowed only by invitation during regularly scheduled "public meetings".  Special meetings of the HCDAC may also be convened by:

2015-2016 HCDAC Meeting Calendar

  • The request of the Committee Chair
  • Written request of a majority of the Committee
  • Board of County Commissioners Action
  • The request of the Department Director

Committee Vacancies

There are no vacancies at this time.

Mayoral Appointments

Mayoral representatives serve at the discretion of the appointing Mayor from each of Spokane County’s cities and towns for a term not to exceed three years. Eligible applicants must reside within the city/town limits of the represented area. 

Citizen Representatives Appointments (At-Large)

Consideration will be made for equal geographic distribution of individuals representing the low and moderate-income target population, including: Elderly, Minorities, Unemployed, Disabled, Single Head of Household, and Youth.  Eligible applicants must reside in the unincorporated area of Spokane County.  Eligible applicants must reside in the unincorporated area of Spokane County.

Current Agenda and Minutes



If you would like copies of previous HCDAC agendas and minutes, please contact Tami Landsiedel at (509) 477-2588.

For an application please contact Ginna Vasquez at the Spokane County Commissioners’ office at (509) 477-2268.

Persons interested in being considered for appointment are to submit their application to:  Spokane County Commissioners’ Office, 1116 W. Broadway Avenue, Spokane, WA, 99260.