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Adult Services


In Spokane County, people 21 years of age or older with developmental disabilities and their families are able to choose the agency they would like to provide them with employment or community services and support. A DSHS, Region 1,  Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) Case/Resource Manager makes referrals to specific agencies.


Eligibility for services is not based on income. Eligibility is determined by the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA). Once a person is determined eligible through DDA, their Case/Resource Manager can make referrals to specific agencies.


Individual Employment - IE

Placement and follow-up services necessary to help persons with developmental disabilities obtain and continue integrated employment in the community, in business, or industry. This service may include creating work opportunities, support to the employee's supervisors and/or peer workers to enable them to support the person on the job, on-the-job training, and modification of work site or tasks.

Group Supported Employment - GSE

Supervised employment and training in regular business and industry settings for groups of no more than eight (8) workers with disabilities. The workers are individuals who have a demonstrated need for ongoing supervisions and support in order to maintain employment. Typical program examples include enclaves, mobile crews, and other business-based programs employing small groups of workers with disabilities in an integrated employment setting.

Pre-vocational Services/Specialized Industries

These services are part of a pathway to Individual Employment (IE). Pre-vocational services, often called sheltered workshops because of the segregated setting in which the work takes place; generally provide training and skill development to groups of people with disabilities in the same setting.

Community Access

These services are for people with developmental disabilities ages 62 and older who have retired or who choose not to work and need assistance to access activities in the community. Services are provided in the community to enhance or maintain the person's competence, integration, physical or mental skill. Services assist individuals to participate in integrated activities, events and organizations in the local community in ways that are similar to other people the same age. 

Contracted Agencies

Spokane County Community Services, Housing, and Community Development Department currently contracts with the following adult agencies:

Support Agencies

Mary Marsh, MSW
Adult Services Program Specialist
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