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Spokane Housing Authority

Purpose of the Spokane Housing Authority Board

The Spokane Housing Authority Board of Commissioners' purpose is to set policy and provide guidance to the Executive Director and agency staff in successfully meeting business goals, in a fiscally responsible manner, and to meet the agency's mission "To provide, develop, and promote quality affordable housing options in the communities we serve."

Meeting Information

The Spokane Housing Authority Board meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 3:30 p.m., unless otherwise specified or announced.  Meetings are held in the Large Conference Room at SHA's Central Office at 55 West Mission Ave., Spokane, WA.

Board of Commissioner Membership:

Members:  6

Term:  5 Years

One (1) individual directly assisted by the authority jointly appointed by the Mayor of the City of Spokane, the Mayor of the City of Spokane Valley, and the Spokane County Commissioners.
Two (2) individuals who work or reside within the city limits of the City of Spokane and appointed by the Mayor of Spokane and confirmed by the City Council of Spokane.
One (1) individual who works or resides within Spokane County and appointed by the Commissioners of Spokane County.
Two (2) individuals who work or reside within the city limits of City of Spokane Valley and appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council of the City of Spokane Valley.
Officers: The officers of the Board are the Chair and Vice-Chair. The Executive Director serves as the Secretary.
Sub-Committees: Consisting of two (2) Commissioners, there are currently four (4) sub-committees: Development, Finance, Policy, and Personnel. Additional sub-committees may be established by the Chair.


  • Unbiased and active participation, as a representative of the area appointment, is expected in discussion, comment, and review of SHA's policies, business practices, procedures and property development (e.g., acquisition, redevelopment, construction, refinancing). 
  • Voting on committee recommendations and recommendations from SHA's Executive Director and Department Directors include the annual budget, annual report submission, motions and resolutions.
  • Board members oversee, participate, approve and engage in the implementation of the strategic plan.
  • Establish, maintain and expand on knowledge of SHA's operations by reading monthly Board packets, supporting information, and tracking progress of the strategic plan.
  • Receive, investigate, mediate, and determine merit of complaints against the Executive Director.  Participate in the selection and evaluation of the Executive Director.

Title Commitment

Regular meetings last approximately one hour, though vary depending on the number and complexity of agenda items.

Study sessions that may occur before the regular meeting last approximately one hour.

If appointed to a sub-committee, there would be an additional one hour per month.

An annual board retreat occurs in October and is approximately four hours.

Occasional presentations to community organizations, partners, potential funders, and government entities have varying time commitments that can range from one hour to four hours.  Presentations  vary and will be coordinated with personal schedules.


This is a voluntary, unpaid position.

Contact Information

Pamela Tietz, Executive Director
Spokane Housing Authority
(509) 252-7139

For more information regarding Spokane County Commissioner appointments to the Spokane Housing Authority Board, you may also contact:

Christine Barada, Director
Spokane County Community Services, Housing, and Community Development Department
(509) 477-7561