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Developmental Disabilities Board

Purpose of the Developmental Disabilities Board

To support each person with a developmental disability to achieve and maintain a full and participating life in their community.

Meeting Information

Community Services Building, 312 W. 8th Ave, Spokane WA, Fifth Floor Conference Room

Meets the second Monday of every month at 4:00 pm

Member Specifications

Members: 9

Term: 3

Details: Each member of the board will receive orientation sessions as well as ongoing training and development to assist each individual in fulfilling their responsibilities to the board.

Responsibilities/Time Commitment

The role of this board is to participate in public meetings to solicit input from Spokane County citizens, service providers and consumers regarding needs and priorities for services. The board needs to recommend priorities and service levels. Board members participate in the review of applications and make recommendations on programs for funding which have been submitted to the division as well as review and comment on the division plan for services. Responsibilities also include review of budget material which has been submitted to the division during the application process and to review monitoring reports of contracted services to evaluate annual performance.

The board meets at least 10 times per year and the average time commitment per month is approximately 4 hours. During the funding cycle when applications are being reviewed, time requirements will increase.

Spokane County Code/WAC & RCW References

State RCW 69.54.120, State RCW 70.98.160, State RCW 71A.14.020

Contact Information

Brian Nichols
(509) 477-2029