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At this time Spokane County is offering a limited number of permits to apply and pay for online.  We are currently accepting the following permit types online:

  • Residential - Mechanical
  • Residential - Plumbing
  • Residential - Roofing
  • Residential - Siding
  • Residential - Windows
  • Fire - Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Fire - Fire Alarm Systems

Commercial Permits of any type can not
be accepted
for processing online at this time. 

To review the status of an existing permit or request an inspection click below.


To apply for a new permit, click below to go to the Build Regional Spokane website and locate your parcel. You can enter the parcel number or enter the address or just locate the parcel on the map. After selecting the parcel click on the Building & Planning Services tab, then click on the link to the appropriate permit service.