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The Thorpe-Westwood subarea's northern boundary is I-90, extending south at the Burlington Northern Railroad to the Cheney-Spokane Road, extending west at the Cheney-Spokane Road into Andrus Road, extending north at Spotted Road to I-90.



The City of Spokane supplies water to the part of the subarea that is within the City of Spokane incorporated boundary. There are also Group A Community Water Systems within the boundaries of the subarea. Hideaway Trailer Park Community Water System supplies water to approximately 200 residents of the park of the same name, the Starlight Motel and Mobile Home Park serves a population of approximately 75 people, Shady Pines Trailer Court serves approximately 70 people and a population of approximately 45 is served by Patterson Addition.

Fire District

The northern part of the subarea is served by Fire District 10 and the southern part served by Fired District 3.


The Thorpe Westwood Subarea is located within the City of Spokane's Sewer Service Area Boundary and a Regional Sewer Service Connection is located within the boundaries of the subarea.


There are several small wetlands within the Thorpe Westwood subarea.

Present Zoning

Multiple zoning classifications.

Land Use Classes

The Spokane County Comprehensive Plan designations contained within the boundaries of the subarea are light industrial, low density residential, urban reserve, rural, rural conservation , and mineral land.

Generalized Land Use

The Thorpe Westwood subarea is generally a rural area with some industrial uses in the northern area. Primarily consists of 5- and 10-acre parcels in the southern area.


Sarsfield House - 5520 W. Thorpe Road

Designed in 1905 by noted Spokane architect Galbraith and constructed by local builder and stone mason LeFevre, the Sarsfield House was built for Patrick Sarsfield, an early area dairy farmer. The Sarsfield House represents turn-of-the-century settlement and is a fine example of stone masonry using local basalt rock.

Henry Cabin - East side Grove Rd.

Representing typical pioneer construction techniques, the first Henry Cabin was built in 1884. The Henry family built a larger home in 1944 when the original log cabin was destroyed by fire. At least two of the Henry children were born in the log cabin.

Cook House - 3609 W. Thorpe Road

Located in an area historically known as Brickyard Gulch, the Cook House was built in 1905 for (and probably by) J.W. Cook, a local bricklayer. Cook owned the property from 1900 to 1914.

Building Conditions

There are new industrial developments evident on the corner of Thorpe and Grove Roads. There are several one-acre lots with mobile homes around the area of 53rd and Spotted Road. Moving into the rural areas of the subarea reveals several newer, well-kept, large homes.


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