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Moran Prairie


The approximate boundaries of the Moran Prairie Subarea planning request are 37th Avenue to the north, Hatch Street on the west, the boundary of the Joint Planning Area on the south, and Havana/Glenrose on the east. This planning area is smaller than the official subarea boundary.



Water is supplied by the City of Spokane.

Fire District

The entire subarea is within Fire District #8.


The Cit of Spokane provides sewer services.


There exists within the boundaries of the subarea a small amount of designated whitetail deer habitat.

Present Zoning

The Moran Prairie subarea contains SRR-5, GA, UR-22, UR-3.5, UR-7, and SR-1 zoning.

Land Use Classes

The area is primarily residential with corresponding residential land use designations such as low-density residential, medium-density residential, and high-density residential. There is a designated mixed-use center located at 57th and Regal.

Generalized Land Use

The area is primarily urbanized residential with commercial located in the area of the mixed-use value="center designation.


While there are no registered properties in the Moran subarea,there are several historic resources worth noting. The Mullan Road ran through Moran Prairie; there is a historic marker located along the road within the boundaries of the subarea. The Moran Prairie Apple Warehouse points to the importance of the agricultural industry in Spokane County. In addition to its association with early settlement and agriculture and industry, the Moran Prairie subarea contains other sites that provide a unique sense of historical identity and community. Among these sites are the Guy Brown House located just outside the boundaries of the subarea on South Custer and listed on the Local Register, surveyed properties like the J.J. Brown Ranch on the 500 block of Glenrose, the Moran Prairie United Methodist Church at 36011 E. 65th Avenue, the March Estate at Glenrose and 57th, and the Moran Prairie Pioneer Cemetery.

Building Conditions

The housing is relatively new and in excellent condition and the commercial structures are also in excellent condition.


The Moran Prairie neighborhood is well-established and has been involved in planning for several years. A recent development in the area has led the group to seek out partnerships with developers to provide development in a manner that will enhance the character of the neighborhood.