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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a process server license?

You can obtain a process server license by completing an application and paying a $10.00 annual fee.  Licenses must be renewed yearly. 

Where do I obtain a business license?

If you reside within city limits, please contact that city for information regarding its requirements.  If you are in the unincorporated area of Spokane County, please contact the Auditor's Office at (509) 477-2270.

Does the recording department supply blank documents of forms?

No.  We do not provide blank documents or forms.  Most office supply or stationary stores carry legal forms.  You may also obtain forms at the Washington State Bar Association page.

Does the recording department have birth and death certificates?

Original birth and death records after 1907 are maintained by the Spokane County Regional Health District, Vital Statistics at (509) 324-1522.  There are only a few original records beginning with 1886 through 1907 available in the recording department.

Would the recording department accept the National UCC Form for recordation?

Yes.  As of June 26, 2009, the recording department records the national form with the standard document fee of $62.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page.

Where do I obtain information regarding divorce or probate records?

Please contact the Clerk's Office.

What kinds of documents are recorded in the recording department?

The recording department records a variety of documents, including real estate documents, liens, community property agreements, power of attorney, military discharges, maps, and surveys.

What are the recording fees?

Please see the Recording Filing and Fee Schedule.  We only accept cash or check; we are unable to accept debit or credit cards.  Please make checks payable to "Spokane County Auditor."

How do I do a title search?

All records in our office are indexed by the names of the grantor and grantee, not by address.  Tracing a chain of title can be time-consuming.  To ensure a title search is done completely and accurately, we suggest you contact a title insurance company.

How do I get a copy of my deed?

You can request a copy of  your deed from our office in person, by phone, or by mail.

How can I find some information about a house for sale or in foreclosure?

You may search our records with the owner's name.  If you do not have the owner's name but do have the street address or parcel number, you can get the information by using the Assessor's  on-line access to property information.  If you wish to search for foreclosures within a specific geographic area, you may search our records by document type (Notice of Trustee's Sale) and match the legal description to the area you are interested.

What happens to my document when it is presented for recording?

The document is reviewed for document formatting standards.  If the document meets the standards and the correct fees have been paid, the document is assigned an Auditor File Number and a bar code label is placed on the document with the number and the date and time of recording.  The document is optically scanned. The day after the document is recorded, our data entry staff will index the document so it can be located in the future. Your original document will be returned to the address typed on the document.  If the original document is ever lost or misplaced, a certified copy may be obtained from our office.

I received a document in the mail that says "Reconveyance" or "Substitution of Trustee and Full Reconveyance" on it. What is it?

This document means your Deed of Trust has been paid in full.  You have either made the final payment on the mortgage on your property, or you refinanced your property.

How do I add or remove a name from my property?

Real estate documents are legal instruments.  In order to ensure you are protected and your transaction is completed correctly, we suggest you consult an attorney or title insurance company.

Are your documents available on-line?

No.  The only documents viewable on-line are maps and surveys.  The index to the recorded documents is also viewable and searchable on-line.  The images of the recorded documents are not available on-line because some documents, such as IRS liens and some loans, may contain sensitive personal information.  The images of the recorded documents are public record and can be viewed at our public terminals in the Recording department during our normal business hours.  

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