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Little Spokane Groundwater Inventory and Mapping

The goal of the Little Spokane Groundwater Inventory and Mapping project is to develop a database of available information in tabular and GIS formats for use in intermediate estimates of water use, recharge, well yields and eventual use in the development of a numerical groundwater flow model.

The project consists of the following components: 

  1. Collection and processing of data for all water well logs available for the basin;
  2. Collection and processing of well depth, yield, and water level data for the basin;
  3. Development of an exempt well location and address database;
  4. Development of a hydrogeologic database;
  5. Collection of stream flow data for the basin; 
  6. Evaluation of existing monitoring infrastructure
  7. Evaluation of development potential within the basin.


Project Update:

The project was completed in June 2009.  Below are links to the final report and figures.