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FAQ's Guardian and Guardianship 


Where do I obtain guardianship and/or trust forms?

Guardianship and/or Trust Forms are available online or can be purchased from the Spokane County Bar Association located on the 4th floor of the Spokane County Courthouse Annex. 

Can guardianship/trust documents/reports be submitted to the court by regular mail, fax, or email?

The Court requires original signatures; therefore documents/reports must be mailed to Spokane County Superior Court - Guardianship Monitoring Program - 1116 W. Broadway, Spokane, WA  99260-0350 or they can be delivered to Room 200, Guardianship Monitoring Program, Spokane County Courthouse. 

Do I need an attorney to complete and file guardianship paperwork?

It is not necessary to have an attorney. However, court employees are not allowed to give legal advice or answer any legal questions. Instructions for filing guardianship documents are available online for your use.   

Can I get an extension on my guardianship report due date?

You may apply for an extension of time by filing a Petition (form 51A) and Order Extending Time (form 51B) and presenting these documents to the Ex Parte department, Courtroom 304. 

I received a guardianship noncompliance notice and/or show cause order, what do I do?

If you submit the required document(s)/reports that are past due, the noncompliance notice or show cause date will be canceled. 

How do I get a copy of a document from the court file?

You can purchase copies of filed documents in the County Clerk’s Office, Room 300 of the County Courthouse. 

How do I get a complaint concerning a guardian addressed?

Complaints concerning guardians must be in writing, on the approved form found on the Spokane County Guardianship forms page, and mailed to the Spokane Superior Court - Guardianship Monitoring Program - 1116 W. Broadway, Spokane, WA  99260-0350 or they can be delivered to Room 200, Guardianship Monitoring Program, Spokane County Courthouse. The court has a protocol by which the complaint will be addressed. 

Where do I get the list of approved Guardians Ad Litem (GAL) or how can I be added to the registries?

GAL lists are available in the Superior Court Family Law Department. To become a court approved GAL please contact the Spokane County Bar Association Office to learn of the next training date. 

Where do I go to file a probate or guardianship action?

To file a probate action, will, or guardianship; please go to the County Clerk’s Office, Room 300 of the County Courthouse.