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FAQ's Juror Service 

While on Jury Duty when will I call the Recording?
On the Friday evening prior to your term, please call the recording (477-4720) as requested on your Summons to see if jurors in your Call Group (located in the lower left corner of your Summons) are needed for the first Monday of your term or if you are to call again.  However, keep in mind you will not call the recording while you are serving on a trial or still in selection on a trial.

Where may I park while on Jury Duty?           

Only in designated “Public Parking” lots; at meters only. Please refer to your Jury Duty parking map. NO street parking is allowed at meters, unless you choose to individually pay at those meters.

While on Jury Duty do I need to feed the parking meter? 

If your parking permit is displayed properly and you are parked at a meter within one of the Public Parking lots designated on your County campus map, you will not need to “feed the meter”.

What if I receive a parking ticket while serving on Jury Duty?

You are responsible for any ticket. The County does not cover parking tickets since we provide parking permits for free parking at meters in the designated lots. Please make sure your parking permit is displayed in the windshield.

When will I receive my jury duty pay check

You will receive your first check approximately two weeks from the first day of your jury service. A separate check is issued for each week in which you report. Your check will include both mileage and jury fees.

How can I ride the bus to Jury Duty?

There are three ways that you can find the best route to get you there.

1) Log onto and click on the Trip Planner where you can enter your address and the "Government Building" Courthouse County.  By indicating your "arrival" time, the Trip Planner will list several options for your commute in which you can choose the trip that best fits your needs.

2) Email your request for a trip plan through in the "How do I get there location" under Ride STA.  Your request will be emailed back to you from a Customer Service Representative.  Please allow 24 hours for this option.

3) If you don't have access to the internet, you can speak with a Spokane Transit Customer Service Representative at 328-RIDE (328-7433) for specific information.  The STA staff can provide you with the route that will work best.

What about my travel costs while on Jury Duty?

Please report your one-way mileage to Jury Management during your first week of jury duty. One-way mileage may be reported by calling 477-5790 by Thursday evening of your first week of jury duty.  The court is unable to make any corrections to your pay for mileage unless it is given to us prior to Friday of your first week. 

Do I have to release my Social Security Number to the Court while on Jury Duty?

Yes. The IRS requires that your Social Security Number be given to Jury Management in order for the Court to pay for your jury duty. The SSN is kept confidential between Jury Management and the Auditor who prints your check. Your SSN will be purged after payment is issued.  If you choose not to release the number, the Auditors are not allowed to process your check.

What if someone calls me about Jury Duty and requests my Social Security Number over the phone?

If a Jury Coordinator or court staff person calls you, you will not be asked to provide your social security number over the phone.

How do I get verification for my employer that I was here for Jury Duty?

If you need a daily verification, please ask Jury Management to print the verification for you AFTER you have checked out for the day. If you need a Weekly or End-of-Term verification, please sign for those on the clipboard. Weekly and End-of-Term verifications will be mailed to your home. Note: Your Superior Court Verification includes your arrival and departure times.

How can I provide my employer with the specific times I am gone from work for jury duty?

If your employer has a special form, please give it to Jury Management to complete and mail to you. Be sure to check in with your Barcode each day as you arrive, and check out as you are ready to leave. This will provide the appropriate times for your verification. Note: Your Superior Court Verification includes your arrival and departure times.

Once I have served on a trial, am I finished with Jury Duty?

Not necessarily. Many trials are only 2 or 3 days in length. Your term is for two weeks, and once your trial is completed, you will be requested to call the recording during the remainder of your term. 

While serving on Jury Duty are there breaks during the day?

Yes. There will always be a lunch hour (usually 12:00-1:00 p.m. or later) and breaks during the morning and afternoon sessions while serving on a trial. While in the Jury Lounge, you will be informed as soon as Jury Management knows about break times. 

While serving on Jury Duty how long will I be here during the day?

There is no absolute begin or end-time for jury duty. However, the court will normally schedule their trials within County office hours (8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).

While on Jury Duty will I be sequestered?

Most likely you will not be sequestered. In Spokane County there have only been a few juries sequestered in many years. 

If I am serving on Jury Duty for a trial, do I need to call the Recording?

No. We are aware when you are serving on a trial and will not expect you to check the recording until that trial has been completed. When you are released from the court, the Judge or Judicial Assistant will inform you when you will begin the Call-In procedure.

What happens if I have a one-day conflict in this two-week term of Jury Duty?

Write a brief note explaining the conflict (including date) and give it to Jury Management. If that specific date would occur during the length of the current trial, then let the Court know of your conflict prior to the jury selection being completed for that trial.

What can I do if I forgot/lost my Jury Duty Barcode or Parking Permit?

Let Jury Management know so that they can check you in for the day or reprint the sheet. 

While on Jury Duty will I need to scan my Barcode when I come back after a break or lunch?

No. Once your name has appeared on the screen, you have been checked in for that day. Note:  We cannot pay your mileage twice in one day if you do choose to go home and return.

While on Jury Duty when do I need to “Scan Out” on the computer?

You will not "Scan Out" during lunch or other breaks; only when the court has released you for that specific day. 

What do I do if I lost the Number badge the Court gave me for Jury Duty?

Let Jury Management know.  

While on Jury Duty where can I eat lunch?

If you brought your own lunch, you may eat it in the Jury Lounge or at a table or bench outside the Courthouse. If you would like to purchase a lunch, the cafeteria on the first floor of this Annex is nearest. Other nearby options are posted on the bulletin board in the Jury Lounge.

While on Jury Duty what about laptops and cell phone use as a Juror? 

Laptops and cell phones are allowed within the Jury Lounge, and you may use them there. Please take them with you when you go to the Court. You will need to turn off your cell phone prior to entering the Courtroom. 

Can a citizen serve on Jury Duty if convicted of a felony?

Yes, if they are not currently in custody of Washington Department of Correction (DOC) or on DOC community custody.

Regarding Jury Duty, is there an age limit where you can automatically be excused?

No. You need to ask to be excused if you have a complication. If you have a medical reason to be excused and are age 65 or older, you can make that request without needing to provide a doctor’s note.

If you have served on Jury Duty within the last year, can you be excused?

Yes, if your service has been within one year, you may request to be excused.

Can you can ask for one Jury Duty postponement, no reason needed?

Yes, you may, for up to six months.

If your Jury Duty is postponed will you automatically receive a reminder on your new date to serve?

Yes, your new Summons will arrive 4 weeks prior to your new term of service. However, if the new date is within a month, we will send out the new Summons right away.

If my request to be excused from jury duty is granted will I receive notice verifying this?

No, the Summons and the Juror Information Form says that jurors will not receive further notice UNLESS their excuse was NOT accepted.

My spouse passed away and has received a Jury Duty Notice; do you need a certified death certificate? 

No, only the first four questions on the Juror Information Form need to be completed, with the surviving spouse’s signature stating that individual’s death.

My child is in college outside the county and has received a Jury Duty Notice; what can I do about that?

The parent can either send the paperwork to the student or complete the first four questions on the Jury Information Form and return with that designation (signed by the parent, if returning with a Spokane postmark).

My child is in college inside Spokane County and has received a Jury Duty Notice, what can I do about that?

The student needs to complete the Jury Information Form and return it with their class schedule (including time of classes) for the term in conflict.

What do we do if we have vacation plans for that Jury Duty term and can’t serve? (Or we’re snowbirds.)

Please complete the Jury Information Form and on the lowest section “For Postponement Requests” you may request a postponement date.  The postponed jury duty term should be rescheduled to begin on the first business day of any week (usually Monday).

What if an individual is being asked to serve on Jury Duty and has moved out of the county?

If the individual is known to the recipient, please forward the paperwork for the prospective juror to complete and return to us.

What if there is a medical condition that prohibits me from serving on Jury Duty?

If the individual is UNDER age 65, they will need to send their doctor’s note.

What if the individual being asked to serve on Jury Duty is in the military?

If the prospective juror is out of the county, a copy of their order is sufficient. If the individual is serving on base inside Spokane County, they are not excused unless their commanding officer writes a letter to be included with their Juror Information Form.

What if it is a financial hardship to serve on Jury Duty?

The Juror Information Form needs to be completed and a copy of the policy regarding jury duty time away from their employment.

What if I am asked to serve on Jury Duty and I am a Stay-at-home mother; or have no childcare available or have financial constraints for daycare what do I do? 

The Juror Information Form needs to be completed, including a note stating the circumstances. If the mother works, they are typically not excused as they will be using daycare already.  The Children's Waiting Room is a resource that may be available. You may download their brochure or view an introductory and orientation video.

What if serving on Jury Duty is against religious beliefs?

We cannot excuse individuals based on their specific religious faith. This would deter our “randomness” pool, by excusing individuals of one faith, but not another.

What if I am Self-employed and asked to serve on Jury Duty?

The Juror Information Form also needs to be completed in this request. Typically we will excuse a self-employed individual IF they would lose a large amount of business or financial support by attending jury duty for an expected 3 days.

What do I do if I am asked to serve on Jury Duty and I am a Non-Citizen?

The first four questions on the Juror Information Form need completed, and the form signed and dated, circling the Citizenship disqualification. Please indicate your current citizenship.

What do I do if I am asked to serve on Jury Duty and I am a Non-Resident of Spokane County?

Complete the Juror Information Form and indicate disqualification by checking the Non-Resident status. As requested on the Juror Information Form, we do require verification of current address and County of residence.

What if I am asked to serve on Jury Duty and I do not have the ability to communicate in the English Language?

Jurors need to be able to communicate in the English Language or with a sign language interpreter. If an individual cannot communicate IN ENGLISH AT ALL , and someone else needs to complete the Juror Information Form that should be indicated as a note on the form. If an individual has been in the State more than ten years and can communicate some, we ask them to try with one case.

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