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Illicit Discharge Hotline - Storm Drain Dan Program

Hi!  My name is Storm Drain Dan.  I'm new to the area, and am the mascot for a cooperative effort between Spokane County, the City of Spokane, and the City of Spokane Valley.  My purpose is to encourage everyone to take responsibility for ensuring that nothing other than stormwater gets into our storm drains.  Remember, You Are The Solution to Stormwater Pollution!

Click here for additional information after you've read through this page:  Hotline Info

You can also help prevent roadside flooding and assist the folks who maintain area roads and streets, so that property and homes stay as dry as possible during rain and snow-melt events.

Throughout the year county road crews work to prevent roadside flooding by keeping storm drains open. During and after thunderstorms and snow-melting events, they may not be able to get to storm drains near your home immediately.  They have a lot of area to cover.

If you can work without danger to your health and safety, you can help prevent roadside flooding by adopting a storm drain near your home.

  • Check the storm drain grate or inlet frequently to make sure it is free of snow, ice, leaves, pine needles and other debris.

  • Rake snow, ice and other debris away from the storm drain.

  • Leave the storm grate securely in place. If it is cracked or damaged, report it at the number below.

  • Dispose of the snow, ice or debris in a safe place that won’t cause a traffic hazard.

If you are unable to safely clear a storm grate or inlet and you think a flooding problem is imminent, call the County at 477-3600 to report the situation.

Storm Drain Dan says:

Be safe and smart when working near the roadway.

Thanks for helping to prevent roadside flooding,



For more information on illicit discharge detection and elimination (IDDE), click here to see the Spokane County IDDE Guidance Manual.