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Brochures and Educational Links

Educational Links

Click on the links provided to check out educational and entertaining websites/tools or videos.


If your time for viewing is short, the 2004 and 2005 public service announcements on Salt Lake County's site are worth taking the time to view!! 

Puget Sound Starts Here is a program sponsored by a consortium of 57 cities and counties dedicated to improving water quality in Puget Sound, called STORM (Stormwater Outreach for Regional Municipalities), Washington State Puget Sound Partnership and Washington State Department of Ecology.

Dog Doogity - View a video produced by Puget Sound Starts Here.  The object is to invite people to protect Puget Sound.  The general idea applies to any region.


Use the City of Spokane's online calculator to customize your outdoor irrigation schedule based on soil conditions, plant type, and sprinkler type. 


The University of Central Florida's Stormwater Management Academy site.  This is a great one!


Washington State Department of Ecology's Natural Yard Care: Five steps to make your piece of the planet a healthier place to live.