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Lost and Found Pets

SCRAPS is NOT responsible for matching any pet posted on this site with animals that may be at our shelter or at another shelter in our area. Please see our Impounded Animals page for information regarding animals currently at our shelter as well as links to other area shelters.

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Lost or FoundDateTypeBreed/Description
lost4/20/2015OtherRabbit, Lop Ears (Droopy)
lost4/18/2015CatSiamese, not provided
lost4/11/2015CatDomestic Med to Long Hair , tiny big of white under her chin
lost4/15/2015Dogshih tzu, not provided
lost4/17/2015CatMaine Coon, Yellow eyes, long hair, chipped, face half black half brown
lost4/18/2015DogChocolate Labrador mix, pink harley davidson collar
Found4/19/2015DogYorkshire , No collar. Cloudy eyes
lost4/19/2015DogPomeranian, Blue collar with rinestones
Found4/16/2015Dogblue heeler, black patch over right eye
lost4/18/2015DogHusky, No collar
Found4/18/2015Dogdachshund, no collar or computer chip
lost4/17/2015CatHimalayan Flame Point, blue eyes
Found4/16/2015DogSmall dog, N/a
Found4/17/2015DogChihuahua mix?, chubby
lost4/16/2015DogLong hair dashhound , not provided
Found4/15/2015DogHusky, Approximately 1 yr old. Has collar.
lost4/16/2015DogChihuahua, Brown around ears and eys and spot on his back
Found4/16/2015DogHusky, not provided
lost2/21/2015DogRedbone Coonhound, solid reddish brown,small white patch on chest
lost4/12/2015Catorange tabby, long hair, mane, tuffs in ears & on feet
lost4/10/2015CatShort haired tabby, Green eyes, bald patch under chin
lost4/14/2015Catnot provided
lost4/14/2015Catamerican short hair, white feet and half black half white lips.
lost4/15/2015DogBlue Healer, Has a collar
lost4/15/2015DogShih Tzu, not provided
lost4/15/2015DogSibirian Husky, Blue and brown eyes
lost4/15/2015DogSibirian Husky, Blue and brown eyes
Found4/15/2015DogSchnauzer, cropped tail
Found4/14/2015DogCollie mix, blue collar
lost4/5/2015CatDomestic long hair -male neute, Has an avid microchip, very light green eyes
lost4/14/2015Dogpug, he is deaf
lost4/13/2015DogBoston Terrier Pug Mix, white on chest and stomach.
Found4/6/2015DogBoxer Female., Black caller. White stripe under chin. Bobbed tail
Found3/15/2015Catdomestic short hair, male, not, cropped tail, white mouth and spot on forehead
lost4/12/2015Otherferrett, not provided
lost4/7/2015Catshort hair, orange eyes over weight
Found4/13/2015DogGerman mix, not provided
lost4/13/2015DogBorder Collie - smaller, small and thinner type - friendly
lost4/12/2015DogPomeranian, Has hair cut short
Found4/12/2015Dogchocolate lab, looks like a camo collar pet license # 500553
lost4/10/2015DogMini Schnauzer, black spiked collar with red tag
lost4/7/2015Dogpit bull, heart shape on nose, 1/2 wht collar marking
lost4/11/2015DogBlue Heeler, black reflective harness,black patch right eye
Found4/11/2015CatAmerican Shorthair -, Abby
lost4/11/2015CatAmerican Longhair, white "socks"
lost4/11/2015DogYorkshire Terrier, Wearing training collar. 14 pounds, neutered male
Found4/11/2015DogHusky, Black Collar with pink paw prints
lost4/10/2015DogPit Bull/Terrior Mix, White paws Tags W/ address, phone #
lost4/9/2015DogChihuahua, tiny dog white streak going up her forehead
lost3/26/2015Dogchihuahua mix, pink collar says bi**h
lost4/5/2015Catdomestic medium hair, fluffy fur, stripes create "M" mark on forehead
lost4/6/2015Doghusky mix, bad cough
lost4/9/2015DogBeagle, Light blue collar all brown head
lost4/8/2015DogChihuahua , not provided
lost4/8/2015DogBlack lab , Red collar,
Found4/8/2015DogSmall, Wearing a pink sweater
lost1/8/2015Catduch calico, tan strip above right eye
lost4/8/2015DogDachshund, Marbled light brown/dark brown nose
lost4/7/2015Dogpoodle mix, long tail needs to be groomed has phone # on tag
lost4/8/2015Dogdachshund, mohawk type fur on neck
lost4/6/2015CatMedium-Long Haired, Orange with white paws and markings
lost4/6/2015CatMedium-Long Hair, not provided
lost4/7/2015DogShih Tzu , White forehead and tip of tail
Found4/7/2015Catnot provided, Tabby, yellow eyes, pink nose
lost4/7/2015Doglab mix, not provided
lost4/5/2015DogAmerican Bulldog, not provided
lost3/30/2015CatDomestic shorthair, Red Collar, pink tag, rabies tag
lost4/5/2015CatTabby, blk collar w/tag, leg shaved from IV
lost4/7/2015CatShort hair, Microchipped , very friendly
lost3/19/2015CatMixed, Blue eyes; not neutered
lost4/6/2015Dogbasset, mole under hair on left side behind ear.
lost4/2/2015CatMEDIUM HAIR TORTIE, Collar, chipped, Female fixed, green eyes
lost4/5/2015Dogscottish terrier, hopfully also a young tanish brown puppy chauaua
Found4/5/2015CatTabby; medium hair, Frayed blue collar
Found4/4/2015DogLab, Found 2, both dogs are the same
lost3/20/2015Dogbeagle mix, collar, blind, senior dog
lost3/22/2015CatTortoise, Upper black lip one side, yellow on other
Found4/4/2015DogShiba inu, He has been found and is home now!
lost4/2/2015CatMedium hair Calico, Collar, chipped, Female fixed
Found4/4/2015Dogmix medium, ice blue eyes purple collar
lost3/26/2015Dogchihuahua/terrier, pink collar that says & BITCH & quot
Found4/3/2015Dogpug, not provided
Found4/2/2015DogPomeranian, not provided
lost3/30/2015Catmarble tabby, green collar and green flea collar
lost3/16/2015DogSchnauzer/terrier, brownish-bear
lost4/2/2015Dogmale shepard/husky mix, talks/wines a lot, will eat anything,very friendly
lost4/2/2015Dogmale besinji/lab mix, very skiddish,chipped, prances,will be with dog
lost3/14/2015CatDomestic Short Hair, Yellow eyes, looks like he's about to fall asleep
Found4/2/2015Dogpoodle, red team daddy coat, blue halter
lost4/1/2015DogPomeranian, very shy
Found4/1/2015CatTabby cat, purple flea.collar no other identification
lost4/1/2015DogMix Australian Shepard , No collar, medium in size, pretty
lost4/1/2015DogBoxer/German Shepherd Mix, White strip on middle of face,white paws/chest
lost4/1/2015DogMiniature Yorkie, Short hair cut, Female, spayed
lost3/30/2015CatLarge Domestic, Tip of tail curls under
lost3/28/2015CatMaine coon mix, white chin pink nose orange dot on forehead fluffy
Found3/31/2015DogBlack Lab, Blue collar
lost3/31/2015DogBoxer, not provided
lost3/31/2015DogIrish Jack Russell, Red collar, cropped tail, tan "paw print" spot on
lost2/12/2015DogGreat Pyrenees, green collar
lost2/12/2015DogGreat Pyrenees, purple collar
lost3/31/2015DogChihuahua, 2-3 years old, no collar or tags.
lost3/31/2015DogCocker Spaniel, Red collar, cropped tail, graying muzzle
Found3/30/2015Doglong haired small shepherd, no marks just black long hair
lost3/28/2015Catdomestic long hair , white on face
lost3/30/2015CatCalico, orange triangle between eyes white underbelly
lost3/29/2015DogSheba Inu, Black Collar has license/rabbies shot tags chipped
lost3/27/2015Catdomestic long hair, Blue collar and bell, with few white hairs on ches
lost3/30/2015Catsiberian, has a back leg that has been broken hip looks out
lost3/25/2015DogRottwieler, light brown eye brows and legs
lost3/19/2015DogChihuahua, extremely long toenails
Found3/23/2015DogPomerian mix?, no collar-right eye has caterack or is blind?
lost3/25/2015DogRottwiel, Brown collar
lost3/29/2015DogPomeranian & Papillion Mix, blue collar, young male
Found3/29/2015DogRed Healer, Stripe on face, docked tail, chipped, tags
lost3/29/2015DogRed Healer, stripe on face, docked tail, neutered, chipped
Found3/28/2015DogShelty/Collie mix, Older dog. Maybe glaucoma
lost3/11/2015Cattortoiseshell, DMH, bushy tail, yellow eyes
lost7/4/2014CatTuxedo, Freckles
lost3/27/2015DogYorkie, cropped tail, bark collar
Found3/28/2015Dogmaybe a french sheepdog, blue coller
Found3/28/2015Doghuge lab mix, white stripe on chest and white tips on paws
lost3/28/2015Dogamerican eskimo, heavy 30 pounds
lost3/28/2015Catmain coon, not provided
lost3/27/2015Cattabby, green and white plaid collar with a bell
lost3/24/2015CatShort hair, Large, neutered, loud
lost3/27/2015Dogpug, not provided
lost3/27/2015CatPossible maincoon, Long hair, he is micro chipped
lost3/23/2015Catpossibly maincoon, all black, green eyes, very matted fur/stray kitty
lost3/27/2015Dogsiberian husky, bright blue eyes with facial mask
lost3/26/2015Dogchihuahua/terrier, pink collar that says "BITCH"
lost3/26/2015DogChihuahua terrier mix, pink collar rhinestone plate that reads bitch
lost3/21/2015CatShort Hair - Polydactyl, 6 toes on each foot, large paws, big cat
lost3/24/2015Dogpit boxer, 7 months just got fixed a week ago female
Found3/26/2015DogPit, Black on muzzle; small white blaze on chest
lost3/19/2015CatMix, Blue eyes; not neutered
lost3/25/2015DogBeagle, Neutered
lost3/23/2015CatShort hair Domestic , Bright Green eyes, red collar, death star tag
lost3/23/2015DogBoxer - Austrian Shepard mix, No collar - He is microchipped
lost3/23/2015Dogjackrussel terrier shnowser mi, choped tail no collor
lost3/23/2015DogAussie/Boxer Mix,
lost3/19/2015DogShihtzu , Pink collar with a bell
lost3/23/2015DogSchipperke , She has a hurt front left leg
lost3/22/2015Dogpit bull, no collar
Found3/22/2015DogPit, Little white on chest and back paws white and tan
lost3/22/2015DogBlack Lab, She has a black pigment spot in her left eye.
lost2/21/2015Cattan/gray/black spotted tabby,s, black pads and hair on bottom of each paw.
lost3/21/2015DogChihuahua, extremely long nails
lost3/20/2015Catlong hair domestic, large fluffy front claws declawed
lost3/20/2015DogChihuahua, white under neck and chest
lost3/21/2015DogLH Chi X, Some wht on neck
lost3/21/2015DogChihuahua , pink colar
lost3/20/2015Dogaussie, Blue eyes
lost3/16/2015DogCharger Golden Black Tan, Dako, Charger White spot on shoulder, Dakota Pink Collar