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Lost and Found Pets

SCRAPS is NOT responsible for matching any pet posted on this site with animals that may be at our shelter or at another shelter in our area. Please see our Impounded Animals page for information regarding animals currently at our shelter as well as links to other area shelters.

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Lost or FoundDateTypeBreed/Description
lost8/25/2014CatMedium Hair Tuxedo , bad eye, wrinkly ears
lost8/26/2014Cattabby, not provided
lost6/25/2014Dogborder collie mix, Blind, eyelids have been sewn shut
lost8/27/2014Doglab retriver, he has an open sore on right leg.a tumor
lost8/28/2014DogGolden doodle 9 week puppy, not provided
lost8/28/2014DogGoldendoodle, no collar, 9 week old puppy
Found8/28/2014DogSpringer spaniel?, Wearing unregistered "getmehome" tag
lost8/25/2014Catnot provided
lost8/26/2014CatDomestic Short Hair, Has 6 toes on each paw
Found8/27/2014Dogrot wiler, not provided
lost8/16/2014Catmixed, white patch around nose/mouth greenish eyes
lost8/26/2014DogSiberian Husky, No collar, one blue and one brown eye
lost8/26/2014DogSchnauzer, Docked tail.
lost8/23/2014DogHusky/shepherd mix, Tail curls upward and it white under like skunk
lost8/26/2014DogGerman Shepard , thick choke chain collar on
lost8/26/2014DogGerman Shepard , thick choke chain collar on
Found8/24/2014DogRhodesian possibly, silver choke collar
Found8/24/2014Dogunneutered male pom, not provided
lost8/24/2014CatLong hair, Orange eyes, black collar with silver sparkles
lost8/15/2014Cattuxedo, not provided
lost8/25/2014DogShih tzu, female- recently groomed/cut
lost8/23/2014CatTabby, He is fixed and has a microchip in his shoulder
lost8/21/2014DogShitzu, red collar
Found8/23/2014CatDomestic Short Hair Tuxeodo bl, white irregular spot around right side of mouth
lost8/24/2014DogGolden Retriever/ St. Bernard , green, yellow, and red collar
lost8/18/2014CatUnknown, None
Found8/18/2014DogHeeler or Jack Russle Terrier , Whit with brown speckles and brown spot over eye
lost8/21/2014Dogterrier mix, orange head and short orange tail
Found8/24/2014Dogpomeranian, not provided
lost8/23/2014DogMiniature Schnauzer, Recent hair cut, doesn't see well, not many teeth
Found8/20/2014Catnot provided, male, young and not chipped
lost8/24/2014Dogsaint Bernard/retriver/puppy, droopy eyes, lots of skin hanging from neck
Found8/23/2014Dogpossible huskey or shepard , light colored collar w Kiara
Found8/23/2014DogPit Bull, not provided
lost8/23/2014CatLong hair calico, Kitten
Found8/22/2014Catnot provided
Found8/22/2014DogBlack Labs - (2), 2 Male dogs, Found off Sullivan & 24th
lost8/17/2014Catlong hair, white mask and paws/green eyes
lost8/22/2014DogNorfolk Terrier, yellow/gold coller, brown spots, blind in one eye
lost8/21/2014DogMastiff/Lab/Great Dane, purple collar with gray reflective stripe
Found8/21/2014DogPit Bull, Spiked collar with a silver star shaped tag
Found8/22/2014Doglab, pink collar
Found7/21/2014Dogpitbull, brown and white have color white
lost8/21/2014DogSpringer spaniel, Red collar
Found8/20/2014DogBoston Terrier, Ears NOT Cropped, female
lost8/21/2014DogBeagle, Female w/collar
lost8/17/2014CatMedium/short hair , Black with white paws, chest, white mustache
Found8/21/2014DogDon't know , not provided
Found8/20/2014DogSPRINGER SPANIEL, 6011707 IS NUMBER
Found8/18/2014DogTerrier / mix, None
lost8/20/2014DogRetriever, Chipped no current phone or address-Blue collar
lost8/19/2014DogSmall Lab Mix - medium, No collar, very soft, very anxious
lost8/19/2014DogBorder Collie, snub tail
Found8/20/2014Dogchihuahua, red collar
Found8/19/2014DogLab, neutered male, micro-chipped, unregistered
lost8/19/2014DogBorder Collie, Brown leather collar with name
Found8/20/2014DogSchnauzer, Older possibly partially blind and appears to deaf
lost8/19/2014Doglab, not provided
lost8/19/2014DogLab, Small stature
lost8/19/2014DogBlack Lab, white chin hair, small size
Found8/19/2014Doglab/lab mix, none
lost8/15/2014CatShort Hair, Black with white paws and a white "neckerchief"
Found8/15/2014Catnot provided, ringed tail
lost8/15/2014DogShih Tzu/ Terrier Mix, multicolored collar piece signs fatty tumor chest
Found8/16/2014Doglab, about 4 to six months old
lost8/18/2014DogChocolate Lab, Chubby/ large
lost8/13/2014CatNorwegian Forest Cat, Spayed, microchipped, not declawed.
Found8/16/2014CatMale Siamese , not provided
lost8/15/2014Dogst Bernard american bull, tan dot on head
lost8/17/2014Catlong hair, not provided
lost8/17/2014Catlong hair, not provided
Found8/17/2014Catnot provided, male
lost8/15/2014CatNebelung, No collar, friendly, very small for a grown cat
lost8/13/2014CatDomestic, . Short Hair. 4 months. playful.
lost8/15/2014CatManx, light turquoise flea collar
lost8/15/2014DogMastif/looks like big black la, faded red collar/tumor bumps on body
lost8/15/2014Dogblue heeler, blue harness and black ears
lost8/17/2014Dogblue heeler, black around eyes black spots on hind end
lost8/14/2014CatDomestic Short hair, Red Collar, very friendly
Found8/16/2014DogChihuahua, Black collar
lost8/16/2014DogAustralian shepherd border col, Blue collar
lost8/16/2014DogAustralian Shepard, small black heart on side of face
lost7/8/2014CatTortishell, Female / approx. 7 years old
Found8/16/2014DogChihuahua , One mostly white leg front right leg, male
Found8/16/2014Catkitten, white neck
lost8/16/2014DogBlack Lab and Pit Bull, Black collar, no tag on the collar, white paws
lost8/15/2014Dogmini spitz, has a pink collar
lost8/15/2014DogShi Tzu, no collar.
lost8/1/2014DogSchnocker, Collar and leash
Found8/16/2014DogPit bull mix, Red Petsmart collar, sweet, enlarged teats
lost8/15/2014DogCocker, white paw
lost8/15/2014DogYellow Lab, No collar
Found8/15/2014DogYorkie - Male, no collar, no chip
lost8/10/2014CatDomestic medium/long hair, little knot in the tail
lost8/15/2014Dogshitzu/Chihuahua, looks like lady from lady and the tramp red harnes
lost8/11/2014CatSiamese mixed, Blue eyes Crossed eyed
lost8/14/2014Dogchihuaua, loss of teeth lots of gray
lost8/14/2014Dogchihuaua, loss of teeth lots of gray
Found8/14/2014DogHusky malamute type, One blue eye, one dark eye, no collar, sweet!
Found8/14/2014Dogsmall, red and blue checkered collar
lost8/8/2014CatShort hair cat, Face half black half torti calico female declawed
lost8/14/2014DogBeagle, Green collar
Found8/14/2014CatFemale medium/long hair, no collar
lost8/12/2014Catlong-hair part calico, red collar, de-clawed, spayed.
lost8/13/2014CatLong hair, Kitten and Not fixed
lost8/3/2014DogChihuahua, White patch on chest
Found8/13/2014Dogpug, black collar
Found8/13/2014Dogpug, black collar
Found8/13/2014DogSt. Bernard, No collar
lost8/12/2014DogRat Terrier, crooked ear, lump on chest
lost8/12/2014CatMaine Coon, no collar; fluffy, big eyes, friendly
lost8/9/2014DogHUNTING DOG ENGLISH SETTER, His tail is call a FLAG TAIL
Found8/12/2014Dogblack lab, no collar
lost8/12/2014DogLab/Sharpei, White spot on chest, 100 lbs, wrinkly
lost8/11/2014OtherRed Ear Sliders, pealing on backs, have pictures to show patterns
Found8/12/2014CatMale - Russian Blue?, none
lost8/12/2014DogMini Long Haired Double Dapple, Pink collar, some dappling in her eye
lost8/9/2014Catnot provided, pink collar, fluffy fur
lost7/26/2014Catnot provided
lost7/8/2014CatTortishell, Female
Found8/11/2014DogLab mix, White Chest, Rear paws
lost8/10/2014Catamerican short hair, fat. green eyes. extra toes.
lost8/11/2014DogLabrador, there are two small white hairs on his nose
Found8/10/2014DogJack Russell Mix, NEUTERED MALE 3-5 YEARS OLD
lost8/5/2014Doggerman shepard, white hair mixed in belly & 13 weeks old
lost8/9/2014CatShort haired Calico, White mouth ad bib, has collar with small bell
Found8/9/2014DogSchnauzer, Red collar
lost8/9/2014CatDomestic Short Hair, has some light black ringlets allong his tail
lost8/4/2014Dogpalmeranian, blue and silver collar
lost8/10/2014Dogchihuahua, none
lost8/6/2014Cattuxedo, white collar. white mustache and white belly with
Found8/10/2014DogShitzu, None
Found7/30/2014CatDomestic short hair, Petite. Spayed
Found8/2/2014DogLabrador, large, collar with SCRAPS tag
Found8/9/2014CatDomestic, kitten with white, orange and gray markings
lost8/8/2014DogLab/Pit Mix, Not Fixed
Found8/2/2014DogLarge , Black around face
lost8/8/2014Catdomestic short hair male, blue collar with bell, microchiped
lost7/8/2014CatTortishell, Female
lost8/7/2014CatSiamese, white paws, chin and chest, blue eyes
Found8/2/2014Dogshih tzu, appears to have only one eye
lost8/7/2014DogBeagle boxer mix, Droopy lower left eyelid, red collar no tags
Found8/7/2014Dogpoodle/mix, not provided
Found8/7/2014DogTerrier/pug mix (best guess), Pink collar with heart
lost8/6/2014Dogpitbull, cropped tail, chipped lower canine tooth
lost8/7/2014DogBeagle boxer mix, Droopy lower left eyelid, underbite, red collar
lost8/2/2014CatTabby, Male with clipped left ear
lost8/7/2014Dogshih tzu, blue flower colar, face is mostly white
lost8/3/2014CatTabby, Brown patch on side of nose
Found8/6/2014Dogchihuahua, not provided
lost8/2/2014DogShepherd/Lab/Husky, not provided
Found8/7/2014Dogschnauzer/ poodle - mix?, not provided
lost8/5/2014Dogchihuahua/yorkie, purple collar with tag Victoria wrong phone #
lost8/5/2014Catfemale, very loud , bulls eyes stripes on side white paws
Found8/4/2014Doghusky, red collar with white dog paws
lost8/4/2014CatBlack/White/Tuxedo, Black and white kind of skinny
Found8/5/2014Catcalico w/ siamese?, nose, chin, left side of face white
lost8/5/2014CatLong Hair Tortoise shell, right front paw is orange
lost8/5/2014CatManx, White chest. Stubby crooked tail. ID chip
lost7/24/2014Dog1/2 shih tzu, maltese & 1/, Brown spot shaped like a half moon
lost8/5/2014DogLooks like a small German Shep, Black collar, curled tail
lost7/8/2014CatTortishell, Female
Found8/5/2014DogIkea-possibly, none
lost8/4/2014DogPITTBULL (REDNOSE), Collar (Faded Blue)
lost8/4/2014DogPITTBULL (REDNOSE), Collar (Faded Blue)
lost8/4/2014DogPit mix , Choke chain Blk harness
Found8/4/2014Dog4 small dogs, 1 with pink collar
lost8/1/2014CatNorwegian forest cat, not provided
lost8/4/2014DogBorder collie, not provided
Found8/2/2014Dogcorg/mix, older dog/cropped tail
lost8/1/2014CatMaine Coon, white/chest
lost7/8/2014CatTortishell, Female
lost8/3/2014DogYorkie mix, Longer hair,
lost8/3/2014DogAustralian Shepard mix, black nylon collar with white paw prints
lost8/2/2014DogChihuahua/shitzu, white tip on end of tail and black harness
lost7/28/2014Dogshitzu and chihuahua mix, red collar with black bones
lost7/29/2014Catpart siamese, stripes on under side, blue eyes
lost6/24/2014DogSchnauzer, brownish beard
lost8/2/2014Doglab/shepherd/husky mix, blue collar/ floppy ears
lost8/2/2014Doglab/shepherd/husky mix, blue collar/ floppy ears
lost8/2/2014DogYorkshire Terrier, Small W/ close shaved body, longer mane.
lost8/2/2014DogChihuahua/shitzu, white harness
lost8/2/2014Dogshephard mix, beige collar, old scruffy
lost8/2/2014DogGolden Retriever , Blue collar
lost7/20/2014Catlong hair,small,female, has a kink at end of tail, prety tiny cat
lost7/30/2014Dogchiuaua,terrier mix, green collar big black ears neutured has chip
lost8/3/2014Dogboader collie and spaniel mix , choke collar w/ pink fabric in it and tags
lost7/31/2014DogRed nose Pitbull , Black spiked collar
Found8/2/2014Dognot provided, Green collet, cropped ears
lost8/2/2014DogLabradoodle, Dark multi color collar
lost8/2/2014DogPomeranian, Blue collar with ID Kingston
lost8/2/2014DogRot mix, white strip on front of chest. he is liscenced
lost8/1/2014Dogshepard husky mix, One brown eye one light grey eye
Found8/1/2014DogShepard Mix, Big dog
lost8/2/2014DogBrittany, Male with two large brown spots on back
lost8/2/2014DogBrittany, Female with white blaze on face
lost7/26/2014Catnot provided, Chevron/Zig Zag patterned collar, spayed, chipped
lost6/24/2014DogBorder Collie Mix, Blind/No eyes-had no collar
Found7/30/2014OtherGreen Cheeked Conure, not provided
lost7/25/2014CatTabby, not provided
lost7/28/2014DogAmerican Eskimo poodle, Pick skull and cross bone collar.
lost7/24/2014Dogtoy chuiahaha, light pink colar, miney mouse marking
lost7/24/2014Dogterrier chuianaha mix, light pink colar nv tags
lost7/24/2014Dogterrier (MUT), neuterd, micro chipped
Found7/31/2014Dogwirey terrier/westie, BLIND, had on pink colar, OLDER
lost7/29/2014DogWhite shepard, syberian husky , all white, wearing a blue collar, very friendly
lost7/29/2014Catnot provided, 6 toes on front paws
lost7/22/2014CatSiamese mix/Ragdoll Siamese, long hair, grey face and grey ears, microchipped
Found7/31/2014DogBoarder Collie, bit of grey on face with white
lost7/29/2014Dogchiwawa/rotweiller, hes about twice the size of a chiwawa withoverbite
lost7/31/2014DogYorkiepoo, Long shaggy hair south hill
lost7/23/2014CatHimalayan, White boots, White mark right side of nose
lost7/30/2014DogGolden retriever and Lhasa aps, My Lhasa has a orange collar with paws on it
lost7/30/2014DogYorkie Mix, Cropped tail, long puppy ears
Found7/29/2014DogBlack Lab Male, Blue Collar with a rope and a clip attached
lost7/24/2014DogLhaspa Apso, not provided
lost7/28/2014Catmanx mix (one inch tail), purple collar with tags, eyes yellowish-green
lost7/20/2014CatPersian x long hair with white, not provided
lost7/29/2014OtherRed-footed tortoise, Red on shell, watery eyes, 5-6 Inches long
lost7/28/2014Catdomestic short hair, kitten with all paws white
Found7/29/2014Dogboarder collie, not provided
Found7/29/2014Dogborder collie, not provided