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Lost and Found Pets

SCRAPS is NOT responsible for matching any pet posted on this site with animals that may be at our shelter or at another shelter in our area. Please see our Impounded Animals page for information regarding animals currently at our shelter as well as links to other area shelters.

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Lost or FoundDateTypeBreed/Description
lost9/17/2014CatSiamese mix kitten 14 weeks ol, clipped left ear/ 14 weeks old / spade
lost7/30/2014Dogchiuaua/terrier, lime green collar, big ears that stick up straight
Found9/18/2014DogPomeranian, None
lost9/14/2014CatDsh, White spot on chest and belly, blue collar, 17lb
lost9/17/2014Catnot provided, bright green collar with lic
Found9/18/2014DogMix - Maybe shepard/bass hound, Small red collar - no tag - female
lost9/6/2014Cattabby, declawed- neutered
Found9/18/2014Dogpossible heeler shepherd mix, orange collar with invisible fence locator on it
lost9/17/2014DogAiredale terrior/Walker Coonho, green collar
lost9/16/2014DogPug, Blind, heavy (weighs about 30 pounds)
lost9/13/2014CatTabby, White paws and underbelly, spots on nose
lost9/16/2014DogLab, Orange collar
lost9/16/2014DogPug & Pomeranian , not provided
lost9/12/2014DogBorder Collie, Female, Two blue eyes
lost9/14/2014CatDsh, Blue collar, white spot on chest and belly
lost9/15/2014DogSchnauzer, Shaggy looking. Collar has his name and phone #
Found9/6/2014DogShih Tzu, not provided
Found9/6/2014DogShih Tzu, not provided
Found9/15/2014DogRat Terrier mix?, Blue Collar, bump on the head
lost9/9/2014CatAmerican shorthair, Few white hairs on neck, doesn't meow-only squeaks
lost8/20/2014CatMixed, has beautiful wild cat type markings
lost9/10/2014CatDomestic Shorthair, white patch left of nose black spot left paw
lost9/14/2014Dogpitbull/terr, silver "choker" coller
lost9/13/2014Catnot provided, Red black and white collar
lost9/11/2014CatSimease cat, Pink collar
lost9/14/2014DogLabradoodle, chain collar, and microchip from Grant's Pass Oreg
lost9/14/2014Catdsh, He is chipped but info does not match 24 pet watch
lost9/9/2014Doglab/Shepard mix, small flopped over ears that are hard to the touch
lost9/13/2014Dogpit pull , not provided
Found9/13/2014OtherRabbit, White paws
lost9/12/2014Cattabby, gray face white nose half gray half white chin
lost9/13/2014Dogboxer/weiner dog mix, puppy 9 weeks
lost9/12/2014CatTiger, Over 20 lbs
lost9/12/2014DogPomeranian , Black harness with red dog tag with no current #
lost9/10/2014DogHeeler & Terrier mix, no collar, not neutered, 6 months old
Found9/11/2014Dogchihuahua, not provided
lost9/11/2014DogWhite Lab puppy, not provided
Found9/11/2014DogPit mix?, Scraps license
lost9/11/2014DogBorder Collie, left eye is blue/brown; right is brown
Found8/21/2014CatCat, smear of white on face, white paws, white chest
lost9/9/2014CatTaby, white mittens
Found9/11/2014Dogpitbull, thick black collar w a blue bunji leash
lost9/11/2014DogGolden Retrievers, Male and female
lost9/7/2014Cattabby, fat cat
lost9/10/2014DogHuskies, Zero has blue Eyes and dublin is huge
lost8/13/2014Catdomestic short hair, torn left tear duct, missing teeth on bottom
Found9/9/2014Cattabby, green eyes
lost9/9/2014DogPom, Small 3pounds
lost9/8/2014Dogpitbull terrier, blue eyes black collar with spikes hes a puppy
lost9/8/2014Dogpitbull terrier, blue eyes black collar with spikes hes a puppy
lost9/6/2014DogChihuahua mix , white paws, chin, chest/belly, dash back of neck
Found9/1/2014DogJack Russell terrier, no chip no collar. Unaltered male
lost9/8/2014DogRed heeler, Underweight pregnant female
lost9/4/2014DogYorkshire Terrier, not provided
Found9/3/2014DogDachshund Papillon Chihuahua m, brown feet that slightly turn out, black collar
Found9/7/2014CatDomestic long hair, four white paws. white mark on fourheadand on neck
Found9/7/2014Dognot provided, green and maroon tiger stripe collar
Found9/7/2014DogNot sure , Collar
lost9/5/2014Dogmini dauchshend, one eye blue one 1/2 blue 1/2 black
Found9/7/2014Dogsmall - not sure breed..., long hair on ears and tail. Very sweet. No tags
Found9/7/2014DogMixed healer 40lbs, Small black dots on white coat, brown face
Found9/7/2014DogMedium Mix, Senior-old injuries:R head, L foot, tumors
Found9/7/2014Dogshih tzu, male
lost9/6/2014CatDSH, Quick release collar W/name &phone
lost9/6/2014DogMini Husky/ Alaskan Klee Kai , Scar on front(L)paw.Cut in(R)ear. Crosses legs.
Found9/6/2014DogLab, not provided
Found9/6/2014DogPit bull mix?, Very young puppy 8wks?
lost9/3/2014DogShih Tzu, Brown Leather Collar/ chipped & groomed
lost7/8/2014CatTortishell, Femal, Mixed colors
Found9/5/2014CatUnknown, Small young cat, with black collar
lost9/1/2014CatSiamese, chubby
lost9/1/2014CatSiamese, chubby
Found9/5/2014DogPug mix , Tongue hangs out all the time
lost9/5/2014DogCocker Bischon, red collar with North Dakota rabies vaccine tag
lost9/1/2014CatTabby, lime green/yellow collar, spayed, brown nose
lost9/1/2014Catnot provided, lime green/ neon yellow collar
lost8/20/2014Catnot provided, Longer hair, had some of him shaved, meows alot
Found9/3/2014DogPug, not provided
Found9/3/2014DogPom Chihuahua mix, Under 10 lbs
lost8/28/2014CatDomestic Short Hair, Was wearing pink collar with rhinestones
lost8/26/2014Dogpomaranian, 14 inch tall
Found9/2/2014DogPoodle mix?, Very small - less than ten pounds.
lost9/2/2014Dogminiature pinscher, Blue collar and tag with phone number if lost
lost9/2/2014DogChihauhau Pom Mix, Long Legs, Small floppy ears, underbite,black lips
lost9/2/2014DogLong-hair CHihuahua, About 3.5lbs, marbled color, very shy, very small,
Found8/27/2014DogGerman Shepherd ? Mix, White strip on forehead, light blue eyes
lost9/2/2014Dogpit bull/lab?, over left eyebrow a black dot.
lost8/25/2014CatDomestic Shorthair, Very petite. 1 yr old kitty
Found9/2/2014DogBlue heeler?, Very over weight, possibly blind in both eyes,
lost9/1/2014Dogshes half pitbull half boxer, real expresive face, love able wines when left alo
lost8/31/2014DogBoston terrier, Pink mark rt lower lip
lost8/29/2014CatTabby , Female, she is not spayed. 1 year old, skinny
lost8/29/2014CatTabby , Female, she is not spayed. 1 year old, skinny
lost8/29/2014CatDomestic Short Hair, not provided
lost9/2/2014DogYorkie, not provided
Found8/28/2014DogChihuahua / Pomeranian mix?, not provided
lost9/1/2014DogYellow Labrador, not provided
lost8/31/2014DogRed Doberman, no collar, white patch on chest
lost8/31/2014DogPitbull American & Maybe A, 4 White Paws & with white chest , big head
lost8/31/2014DogFrench Bulldog, Pink collar, white patch on chest, only one eye
Found8/30/2014DogAustralian Shepherd/Border Col, not provided
Found8/28/2014Dogchihuhua, long curly fur
Found8/26/2014Catyoung domestic short hair, white bib & toes - front socks & rear boots
Found8/30/2014DogPomeranian Chihuahua mix, Older female no collar
Found8/30/2014DogChocolate Lab, Tiny bit of gray around the muzzle, purple collar.
lost8/27/2014CatLong hair, Smoking under bellie
lost8/29/2014CatTabby , Recently shaved like a lion, cyst above eye
lost8/29/2014CatTabby , Recently shaved like a lion, cyst above eye
lost8/29/2014DogBeagle, walker crop tail, Crop tail long ears
lost8/29/2014Dogchihuhua mix, very small long legs
Found8/29/2014CatDomestic short haired, small gold spot on frnt lft lip, heavily tortoised
Found8/29/2014DogBlue Heeler Adult Male Intact, brown around eye
lost8/20/2014Catlong hair, na
lost8/28/2014DogChihuahua Teacuo, markings like a husky, curly tail
Found8/28/2014DogChihuahua , older, skinny, blind? colorful spotted harness
lost8/2/2014Dogaustrailian cattle dog/ red he, pink collar, 24 lbs, female
Found8/23/2014CatDomestic medium hair, Unkown
Found8/28/2014DogChihuahua mix, Over bite
lost8/27/2014Dogterrier of some kind?, blue collar, white paws, white stripe forhead
lost8/25/2014CatMedium Hair Tuxedo , bad eye, wrinkly ears
lost8/26/2014Cattabby, not provided
lost6/25/2014Dogborder collie mix, Blind, eyelids have been sewn shut
lost8/27/2014Doglab retriver, he has an open sore on right leg.a tumor
Found8/28/2014DogSpringer spaniel?, Wearing unregistered "getmehome" tag
lost8/25/2014Catnot provided
Found8/27/2014Dogrot wiler, not provided
lost8/16/2014Catmixed, white patch around nose/mouth greenish eyes
lost8/26/2014DogSiberian Husky, No collar, one blue and one brown eye
lost8/23/2014DogHusky/shepherd mix, Tail curls upward and it white under like skunk
lost8/26/2014DogGerman Shepard , thick choke chain collar on
lost8/26/2014DogGerman Shepard , thick choke chain collar on
Found8/24/2014DogRhodesian possibly, silver choke collar
Found8/24/2014Dogunneutered male pom, not provided
lost8/24/2014CatLong hair, Orange eyes, black collar with silver sparkles
lost8/15/2014Cattuxedo, not provided
lost8/25/2014DogShih tzu, female- recently groomed/cut
lost8/21/2014DogShitzu, red collar
Found8/23/2014CatDomestic Short Hair Tuxeodo bl, white irregular spot around right side of mouth
lost8/24/2014DogGolden Retriever/ St. Bernard , green, yellow, and red collar
lost8/18/2014CatUnknown, None
Found8/18/2014DogHeeler or Jack Russle Terrier , Whit with brown speckles and brown spot over eye
lost8/21/2014Dogterrier mix, orange head and short orange tail
Found8/24/2014Dogpomeranian, not provided
lost8/23/2014DogMiniature Schnauzer, Recent hair cut, doesn't see well, not many teeth
Found8/20/2014Catnot provided, male, young and not chipped
lost8/24/2014Dogsaint Bernard/retriver/puppy, droopy eyes, lots of skin hanging from neck
Found8/23/2014Dogpossible huskey or shepard , light colored collar w Kiara
Found8/23/2014DogPit Bull, not provided
lost8/23/2014CatLong hair calico, Kitten
Found8/22/2014Catnot provided
Found8/22/2014DogBlack Labs - (2), 2 Male dogs, Found off Sullivan & 24th
lost8/17/2014Catlong hair, white mask and paws/green eyes
lost8/22/2014DogNorfolk Terrier, yellow/gold coller, brown spots, blind in one eye
lost8/21/2014DogMastiff/Lab/Great Dane, purple collar with gray reflective stripe
Found8/21/2014DogPit Bull, Spiked collar with a silver star shaped tag
Found8/22/2014Doglab, pink collar
Found7/21/2014Dogpitbull, brown and white have color white
lost8/21/2014DogSpringer spaniel, Red collar
Found8/20/2014DogBoston Terrier, Ears NOT Cropped, female
lost8/21/2014DogBeagle, Female w/collar
lost8/17/2014CatMedium/short hair , Black with white paws, chest, white mustache
Found8/21/2014DogDon't know , not provided
Found8/20/2014DogSPRINGER SPANIEL, 6011707 IS NUMBER
Found8/18/2014DogTerrier / mix, None