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Lost and Found Pets

SCRAPS is NOT responsible for matching any pet posted on this site with animals that may be at our shelter or at another shelter in our area. Please see our Impounded Animals page for information regarding animals currently at our shelter as well as links to other area shelters.

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Lost or FoundDateTypeBreed/Description
lost10/5/2015DogChihuahua/ dachshund mix, No coller/ dark chest 15lbs
lost9/24/2015CatTabbie, Likes to headbutt everything very vocal.
lost5/20/2015CatDSH tuxedo, White chest, chin and paws, 20 lbs, pouchy belly
Found10/5/2015DogDoberman, cropped ears and tail, collar Fairwood hospital
lost9/27/2015CatTabby, White on the chest and nose
lost9/22/2015DogChocolate lab mixed Reindeer h, No collar, ears stick up and bend at the tips
Found10/5/2015DogAlaskan Malamute, Red collar
lost9/30/2015Catcat, not provided
lost10/5/2015DogPapillion, Long black ears. Small under 10 pounds.
lost10/4/2015CatTabby, Snaggletooth
Found10/5/2015DogPapillion, not provided
lost10/1/2015CatBlack 9 week old female kitten, Green brown eyes black kitten
Found10/5/2015DogBoxer mix, Pink collar blue tag brown muzzle and ears
lost10/4/2015DogAustralian Sheppard Red murL, BOTH BLUE EYES
lost10/4/2015DogLong haired chihuahus, Skin disorder with missing hair
lost10/3/2015DogDoxy, Smelly breath
lost9/11/2015CatSiamese , not provided
lost10/3/2015DogLabrador , not provided
Found10/3/2015DogChihuahua mix, purple color with scraps tag.
lost10/3/2015DogGerman shephard, 2 yr. Old German shephard, wearing red harness
Found10/3/2015Othernot provided, Lizard approx 14" long w/chain collar
lost10/2/2015Catnot provided, Pink AND Teal Reflective Collar . Young Kitten.
lost10/3/2015DogDauschound, Bad breath
lost10/2/2015CatDomestic shorthair, 7-8 toes each front foot, thin hair base of tail
lost10/3/2015DogGreat Pyranese, not provided
lost10/1/2015Dogyorkie, shaved with long hair on his ears
lost10/1/2015CatManx, red collar, cropped tail
lost9/21/2015DogChiuaha, All tan in color answers to shadow very friendly
lost9/25/2015CatSeal Point Siamese, Blue eyes, brown tail FRIENDLY
Found10/1/2015Doghusky, no collar
lost9/26/2015CatCoon cat mix, racoon style mask white nose black ring stripped t
Found9/30/2015DogLab., 75/85 lbs
lost9/30/2015DogDachshund, Female. Has bald patches.
Found9/29/2015CatDSH, not provided
lost9/27/2015DogHound dog, She has a green color. Only 4 months old.
lost9/29/2015Dogchuawa / dasher hound , camouflage shirt
lost9/22/2015DogChocolate Lab, No collar, ears stand straight up and bend at tips
lost9/28/2015CatSiamese , Collar mark
lost9/25/2015CatMancx, blue/ green collar, no tail, gold-eyes, neutered
lost9/26/2015CatMancx, blue/ green collar.... no tail(stub)
lost9/30/2015CatShort hair, Missing right front incisor
Found9/24/2015DogPit mix, not provided
lost9/29/2015DogCheweenie, Star Wars Collar
lost9/27/2015Catshort hair, White near throat and paws, pink collar with bell
lost9/29/2015DogYellow Lab, Owl collar
lost9/18/2015CatCalaco female 15 mo old spayed, Tail usually stands up is dark greyand looks like
lost9/25/2015Cattuxedo cat, white feet, large cat, all black face
lost9/4/2015CatTorti , has a leopard looking face on 1 side, likes lickin
lost9/29/2015DogChihuahua, senior. bad hips. bald patch on his tail.
lost9/25/2015Catdomestic medium hair, Neutered Male, very grouchy, weak rear legs.
lost9/18/2015CatCalico, Stripes
lost9/18/2015CatCalico, Stripes
Found9/27/2015DogRat terrx, senior, red nylon collar, tags
Found8/1/2015Catdomestic short hair w/long hai, not provided
lost9/24/2015DogShepard (mom) and Shepard/husk, Mom has pink collar pup is mostly white with gold
lost9/24/2015DogShepard (mom) and Shepard/husk, Mom has pink collar pup is mostly white with gold
lost9/20/2015CatTabby, Green/yellow eyes
lost9/25/2015CatTabbi/Torti, white paws, black stripes at tip of tail
lost9/27/2015DogHusky/German Shepard, Different colored eyes
lost9/27/2015DogBassett Hound, left eye inner lid not fully open; "plie" feet
lost9/25/2015CatDomestic longhair, right hip hair old injury, Chip-0A116B354C
lost9/25/2015Catnot provided, should have black colar with reg # and bell
lost9/1/2015CatCalico, torbi, White tummy, blue sparkle collar, female
lost9/26/2015DogLab, old fat female with collor
lost9/27/2015DogHound dog, Shes 100% hound dog
Found9/27/2015CatShort hair , White with grey spots, grey tail, grey on head.
lost9/25/2015Dogmastive and Sheppard mix , his paws are white the tip of his tales wh as well
lost9/23/2015CatAmerican, Black patch marking over right eye
lost9/21/2015DogJack russel mix, Spotted tummy
lost9/26/2015DogPit Bull , White diamond mark on rear
Found9/26/2015DogLab, no collars very friendly
lost9/26/2015DogPomeranian/chihuahua mix, Longer hair, white chest,
lost9/26/2015DogHusky, Blue Eyes
Found9/22/2015CatCalico, white chest and tummy
lost9/26/2015Doggerman shepperd, about 2 years old with maybe a smaller 4 month old
lost9/26/2015Doggerman sheppard, small 4 month old
lost9/24/2015DogMiniature dachshund , Very short hair, almost bald on chest/stomach
lost9/26/2015DogPomeranian, Shorter hair cut with a lion style mane
lost9/26/2015DogWestie/ Jack, pik camo collar with tags, , small overweight
lost9/26/2015DogMini Boston Terrier, not provided
lost9/26/2015DogMixed boxer & Pit, . He looks like he has German Shepherd or Ridgebac
lost9/23/2015CatMunckin short cat, Black collar with a bell
lost9/24/2015Catgrey simese , not provided
lost9/22/2015Catnot provided, White on chest, long gray hair
lost9/25/2015Dogboxer/pit/or lab, White on chest
lost9/25/2015Dogboxer/pit/or lab, White on chest
lost9/24/2015CatSiamese, Black Collar w/bow tie with name and contact info
Found9/24/2015Dogunknown, black bandana
lost9/24/2015CatSiamese , Black Collar w/bow tie with name and contact info
Found9/22/2015Dogyorkie, has one eye and funny bark
lost9/23/2015DogMiniature German schnauzer , Missing a few teeth
Found9/16/2015CatSiamese Tabby, not provided
lost9/22/2015DogBoxer/Lab puppy, She has white on her face
Found9/22/2015Catnot provided, Female
lost9/22/2015DogPit bull \ bull dog mix, huge head
lost9/22/2015Dog2 dogs- 1chihuahua/pom, 1 Scot, purple collars no tags, tied together when lost
lost9/22/2015DogAkita, Kita is nearly blind, both eyes roll downward.
lost9/22/2015DogGolden Retriever, 6 yr old large, 115 lb. Going grey around face
lost9/19/2015Catmed hair domestic, she was wairing coller with three bells
lost9/22/2015DogLabrador, Darker golden ears; weight is about 90-100
lost9/22/2015DogLabrador, Darker golden ears; weight is about 90-100
lost9/22/2015CatFlaimpoint Siamese , Blue eyes, orange markings on face and tail
lost9/22/2015DogChocolate Lab, 1 year old, with white patch on chest.
lost9/14/2015CatDomestic Long Hair, Blue Collar with SCRAPS tag
Found9/7/2015CatDomestic Longhair, not provided
lost9/21/2015CatMixed, More white than black. 3 month old kitten
lost9/21/2015Catnot provided, no collar
lost9/20/2015CatLong hair , All white blue eyes pink nose
Found9/17/2015CatTiger stripe, young (6 months?) and not neutered
lost9/20/2015DogSchnoodle, mini poodle schnauz, blue collar
Found9/21/2015Dogyellow lab / retriever mix?, longish hair under tail, male, friendly
Found9/21/2015Doghusky, different color eyes, orange collar
lost9/20/2015Dogpug, microchip scar
Found9/1/2015CatYoung cat-very friendly, affec, not provided
lost9/10/2015Catdomestic short hair, 3 legs
Found9/20/2015DogLabrador Retriver, white spot on chest
Found9/20/2015DogGerman Shepard, skittish, when I call him from far away he runs
lost9/19/2015DogShit zhu, Black harness
lost9/16/2015CatDomestic short hair, Big orange eyes
Found9/19/2015DogDoxin, not provided
lost9/18/2015Dogpitbull, dog is chipped to Richard Storro
lost9/18/2015DogPit/chocolate lab, not provided
lost9/19/2015DogBernese Mountain Dog, long hair, beautiful markings on paws
lost9/18/2015Dogterrier mix, one blue eye
lost9/18/2015DogAust. Shephard Mix, One blue eye
Found9/15/2015Catdomestic long hair, not provided
lost9/17/2015CatDomestic short hair, Heavy and overweight
lost9/16/2015DogVizsla, red collar small white on chest
lost9/17/2015DogHavanese, Male
lost9/17/2015Dog3/4 pug 1/4 chiuahuah, tall pug, sensitive hips, lip gets stuck on tooth
Found9/16/2015DogChow mix?, not provided
lost9/16/2015DogLab mix, Large brown spot on back, ears and face
lost9/15/2015DogGerman Shepherd, Purple collar
Found9/14/2015CatSmall -medium house cat declaw, Red diamond collar
lost9/13/2015Catcommon cat, small to medium size
lost9/13/2015CatLong hair, Half white chin mark
lost9/13/2015DogYorkie/Chihuahua mix, Long toenails/ longer hair needs groomed
lost9/13/2015DogPappillon/Mix medium size, Perky ears..Male...skiddish and will bark or runstranger
Found9/13/2015Dogblack lab, blue collar with white skulls. young dog.
Found9/13/2015Cat1 Y.O. male cat, intact, unchi, Narrowset golden eyes, raccoon tail, white feet
Found9/11/2015CatLong haired domestic , 6 toes and very thin.
Found9/13/2015DogPug, very black face. Full curl in the tail.
lost9/11/2015DogBoxer/terrior, Has no tail
lost9/11/2015Dogschnauzer/Boston terror mix, not provided
Found9/12/2015DogChihuahua , Long-haired
lost9/11/2015DogMixed breed, Blue eyes, collar with tags
lost9/11/2015DogChihuahua, orange camo
Found9/11/2015DogWhite Pom?, Orange Collar
lost9/11/2015Catdmh , dirty tail
lost9/5/2015Catnot provided
lost9/9/2015DogChi/mix, seahawks collar with tags
Found9/10/2015Dogminature sheltie, unaltered male-? old- poor teeth
Found9/10/2015Dogbeagle? Unknown, no collar
lost9/3/2015CatSiamese , One green eye one blue eye
lost9/10/2015DogPoodle , Wearing a purple sweater
lost9/3/2015CatSiamese , One green eye one blue eye
lost9/9/2015CatLong haired domestic , White collar with black skulls. Broken tail tip.
Found9/10/2015DogGerman Shepherd, Small chain collar Male
lost9/8/2015DogChorkie, Pink collar
lost9/9/2015DogChihuahua Terrier, Seattle Seahawks collar
lost8/26/2015Catlong hair, not provided
lost9/8/2015DogToy poodle, not provided
lost9/5/2015CatTABBY, WHITE PAW
lost9/8/2015Dogyellow lab, male. black collar w/rabbies tag. bologna nose.
lost9/5/2015CatGrey Tabby, White paws and nose.
lost9/5/2015CatMedium length hair, Golden eyes
lost9/8/2015DogBlack Lab, Stye in upper eye lid
lost9/8/2015DogShi-zu, panda pink collar/ Dusty camo collar
lost9/7/2015DogHusky, Crystal blue eyes
Found9/3/2015Catnot provided, Deformed left ear from previous infection
lost9/6/2015CatMale - Domestic, Look like cat on your header - small in size
Found9/7/2015DogDauchsund mix, not provided
lost9/2/2015CatManx, Baby Blue Collar with Rhinstone Letters
lost9/7/2015DogPit German short hair pointer, Skinny
lost9/7/2015DogSmall grey dog... funny lookin, curly hair mom bit off his tail at birth it's stub
lost9/4/2015DogSchnauzer, Brownish beard
lost7/24/2015Dogshih Tzu, very friendly