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Lost and Found Pets

SCRAPS is NOT responsible for matching any pet posted on this site with animals that may be at our shelter or at another shelter in our area. Please see our Impounded Animals page for information regarding animals currently at our shelter as well as links to other area shelters.

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Lost or FoundDateTypeBreed/Description
lost12/16/2014Dogborder collie, Bark collar on- no microchip
lost12/17/2014DogPointer , black nose.tan ears white face. tan &white blotchy
lost12/17/2014CatDomestic long hair (lots of fu, No collar. Neutered male.
lost12/7/2014DogPit Bull, not provided
lost12/17/2014Dogchocolate lab mix, hunters orange collar
lost12/18/2014DogPomeranian, not provided
lost12/18/2014CatMain Coon Mix, Long hair, Neutered, large 15 pds, front feet declawed,
lost12/18/2014Dogred wolf shepard cross, choke chain, pinkish stripe up her nose
Found12/17/2014DogEnglish Pointer , not provided
lost12/17/2014DogDachshund, Older, grey around muzzle
Found12/17/2014CatDMH, blue eyes , and found with harness
lost12/16/2014DogAustralian Shepherd, Docked tail, 35 lbs., rope & leather collar w/tags
lost11/25/2014Catdomestic shorthair, No white markings or other coloring-ALL Black
lost12/14/2014Dogpit bull mix, face is white and brown black collar
Found12/1/2014Cattabby, long hair male, neutered..approx 10 yrs old
lost12/15/2014DogPit Bull terrier, large head
lost12/14/2014CatNorwegian Forest Cat/ Long Hai, green collar with name tag / is chipped
lost12/15/2014CatCat, smaller black cat, higher pitched meow
lost12/8/2014CatDomestic Short Hair, was wearing a black collar with a bell
lost12/14/2014DogGerman Shorthair Pointer, Orange Collar
lost12/14/2014Dogpitbull puppy, white dot on neck. black snout and eyelining
lost12/14/2014Dogpitbull puppy, white dot on neck. black snout and eyelining
lost12/13/2014CatDomestic short hair brown tabb, More browm markings than black. Yellow eyes.
lost12/14/2014DogSheltie (looks like small Coll, white feet, white blazed face, barks like a cough
Found12/15/2014CatAt least part Siamese, No colllar, no observable scars or injuries
lost12/11/2014CatCalico, One toe on right back paw is black
Found12/15/2014Dogpossible pomeranian mix, no tags, no collar
Found12/12/2014Catdomestic short hair, 4 white feet
lost12/13/2014DogBoxer, Left side nose is white- white socks- natural ears
lost12/13/2014DogMaltese/Yorkie, Red & Green Plaid Christmas T-Shirt
lost12/13/2014DogAnatolian Shepard, Red Collar
lost12/8/2014Dogshepherd /husky mix, purple collar..very friendly
lost12/7/2014CatDSH - male, About 9yrs old - golden yellow eyes - 16lbs
lost12/12/2014DogChihuahua and dachshund, drooping ears
lost12/12/2014Dogblue healer/akita, white tip of her tail blue collar with name
lost12/10/2014DogBeagle Bloodhound Cockerspanie, scar under right eye/2 blck moles side right eye
lost12/11/2014Dogpitbull, ears bend to the right always
lost12/11/2014Dogpitbull, ears bend to the right always
lost12/1/2014DogSchnauzer, brownish beard
lost12/8/2014CatDomestic Shorthair, She is a small adult cat.
lost12/11/2014DogPitbull mix, Blue collar and microchip
lost12/11/2014DogRottweiler, 8 months old. shaved neck with healing punctures
lost12/11/2014DogRottweiler, large chain collar. scar on front leg
lost12/11/2014DogRottweiler, large chain collar. scar on front leg
lost12/10/2014Catnot provided, Small house cat lion cut
Found12/11/2014DogBlood Hound, pink collar
lost12/10/2014DogSiberian Husky Malamute, black and green caller goldish brown eye.white fac
lost12/10/2014Dogpitbull boxer, not provided
lost12/6/2014CatLynx seal point short hair sia, black markings on face, blue eyes
Found12/1/2014OtherAdult rabbits (4), none
lost12/6/2014CatDSH, Neutered Male Young 9 months
lost12/6/2014CatDSH, Neutered Male Young 9 months
lost10/1/2014Dogpit/mastiff, one black ear one white front leg male unnuetered
lost12/3/2014DogSmall female chihuahua , black spots on chest/ white line between her eyes
lost12/6/2014DogRhodesian Ridgeback-Pitbull in, white blase face, chest, neck, legs, tip tail
lost12/3/2014CatSiamese, White face like grumpy cat
Found12/8/2014Otherboxer mix?, black collar tag #593947
lost12/7/2014DogHusky Mix Puppy, White tip tail, Pink "top paw" collar w/gray clasp
lost12/7/2014Othermini pig, one black foot and wight spot on forehead
lost9/17/2014DogEnglish Setter, Red Collar
lost12/6/2014DogChocolate lab, blue and black collar, no tags, muscular, 70lbs
lost12/5/2014Dogcollie mix, Green collar,skinny dog
lost12/6/2014DogMastiff, Collar and tags
lost12/5/2014DogBorder collie, Red collar
lost12/5/2014DogCorgi, No collar. Smooth coat, big ears & fluffy tail.
Found12/3/2014CatShort-haired, Yellow eyes. No chip, no collar. Very friendly.
lost12/5/2014DogPowderpuff Chinese crested, leather collar with tags, has 2 microchips, spayed
lost11/28/2014Catnot provided, He has patches on his neck from an allergic reacti
Found12/3/2014DogLhasa Apso Mix, No Collar
Found12/5/2014DogHeeler mix?, no collar
Found12/3/2014CatMarbled Gray Tabby, spattering of white on face, smaller stature munch
lost12/4/2014Dogpointer, not provided
Found12/4/2014Dogdachshund, graying/whitening face, bad teeth
lost12/4/2014Dogchiuauah/terrier mix, microchip per ears are big stand up unless he's nohappy
lost12/4/2014DogGolden Lab mix, Pink collar and reddish line on back
lost12/2/2014Catlong hair , big face, fat cat 3 year's old.
lost12/1/2014CatTabby, kitten dark orange stripes
Found12/1/2014Catlong hair, gold eyes, very friendly
lost12/3/2014DogBlue Healer, White dot on forehead and right eye and ear black
lost12/1/2014DogAmerican Pitbull, dapling r/bl ear, left ear white - 4 yr old
lost11/28/2014DogPit Bull, blue collar
lost11/28/2014DogPit Bull, blue collar
lost11/26/2014Catdomestic short hair, frayed red collar
lost11/29/2014CatHimilayan/Persian, Blue eyes
lost11/26/2014Dogheeler, collar microchipped licensed to drader
lost11/30/2014Dogrot /lab mix, red collar, long hair, girl. very friendly.
lost11/29/2014Catlong hair, not provided
lost11/29/2014Catlong hair, looks like part siamese; blue eyes; about 7 months
Found11/30/2014Catsiamese, not provided
lost12/1/2014DogChihuahua, White spot on head, huge ears, blue collar, Microc
lost11/27/2014DogHusky mix, green eyes, orange and grey collar
Found11/23/2014CatFemale, White spot on chest and underarms
lost11/23/2014CatDomestic, Black collar, red heart tag, white chest & paws
lost11/21/2014Catshort hair, spot on head looks like a bad toupae
lost11/1/2014Catshort hair, Blue collar with bell & name tag
Found11/30/2014DogSpaniel, collar, no tags, no chip
lost11/30/2014DogChihuahua/Rat terrier, white paws, chin, chest/belly, dash on neck
lost10/3/2014Catdomestic short hair, fluffy tail; white hair coming out of ears
Found11/29/2014DogYork ie Terrier Mix, No collar recently groomed
lost11/26/2014CatAmerican Domestic Short Hair, Has clipped ear for neuter and has CH, wobbley
Found11/27/2014Catunknown, appears young, very loving and playful
lost11/28/2014DogCorgi, purple collar with tag
lost11/26/2014Catsiamese lyncx, not provided
lost11/27/2014DogGreat Pyrenees, none
lost11/27/2014DogPomeranian, No Collar or Tags, Has Brown Nose
lost11/27/2014DogMini Aulstralian Shepherd, Purple Collar w/ Pink Bone ID Tag, Tail NOT Docked
lost11/23/2014CatTuxedo , Black goatee on chin
lost11/27/2014DogChihuahua , not provided
Found11/28/2014DogAkita, has harness on with a rope attached
Found11/18/2014Dogenglish pointer/lab mix, not provided
Found11/27/2014Dogrussell terrier, not provided
Found11/27/2014DogLab/Rot mix, White on chest, feet and stip on nose.
Found11/27/2014DogLab/Rot mix, White on chest, feet and stip on nose.
lost11/27/2014Dogjack russel, a (liver spot) on his back hind quarter
Found11/27/2014Dogboxer, black/purple collar, no tags
Found11/27/2014DogBernese, tan collar with pattern
Found11/18/2014Dogenglish pointer mix, not provided
lost11/25/2014Catnot provided, white line from chest to chin, greenish eyes, spay
lost11/25/2014CatTabby? , declawed. "M" markimg on forehead
lost11/23/2014DogJack Russell, bump on end of tail, short legs.
lost11/26/2014DogGerman shephard , male,
lost11/26/2014DogGerman shephard , male,
Found11/26/2014DogRed Golden Retriever, not provided
lost11/24/2014DogPoodle / Maltese mix, Blue collar with tags, has a scar on one eyelid
lost11/25/2014DogBoarder Collie, black harness
lost11/25/2014DogLabrador Retriever, Ear Tattoo, Blue and Green Color
lost11/25/2014DogMiniature schnauzer, long back nails, stub tail, thin hair on back
lost11/24/2014Dogchihuahua / terrier mix, brown leather colllar w/tags
lost11/21/2014DogPit/border collie, not provided
lost11/20/2014Otherrabbit, not provided
lost11/22/2014Catnot provided, Female,medium hair, about 9 weeks old
Found11/15/2014CatLong Hair / Male, LARGE, small white dot on top of head
lost11/23/2014Catnot provided, orange, white chest/paws, black collar, heart tab
lost11/22/2014Catnot provided, large, yellow eyes , fangs that stick out of mouth
lost11/23/2014DogGerman Rottweiler, Red collar, walks duck footed.
lost11/22/2014CatDomestic Long Hair , white with black patches like a cow
lost11/21/2014CatLong hair, Smaller kitty, only about 15 weeks old, green eyes
lost11/21/2014CatTuxedo/male, white bib, white belly, 4 white feet. Microchipped
lost11/23/2014DogShepard mix, not provided
lost11/20/2014CatMainecoon, fluffy tail and maine
lost11/21/2014DogMin Pin, Cropped Pointed ears. Bobbed tail, Graying
lost11/20/2014Cattortoiseshell tabby, not provided
lost11/21/2014DogBlood Hound, not provided
lost11/13/2014CatPersian/Domestic, Brown collar with name & # inside of collar
Found11/20/2014Catnot provided, Kitten
Found11/20/2014DogBig Black Lab, TAG # 28651 EXP 2012
lost11/8/2014CatAmerican short hair, black around mouth, sick, drools when petted, old
lost11/18/2014DogAlaskan Malamute, not provided
lost7/4/2014CatTuxcedo, Black freckles on face