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Adoption Fees

By choosing to adopt from SCRAPS, you're getting a new best friend and giving an animal a second chance. 

Cats                                $40 (six months and older)

Kitten:                            $62.70
Dogs and Puppies      $87.04

Adoption prices include sterilization, a rabies voucher, distemper vaccinations, a veterinary exam, a pet license and a microchip.

 SCRAPS does not give rabies vaccinations. However, a voucher is included in the adoption packet. Please consult a veterinarian when a rabies vaccine should be given.

Does the Dog Like Kids?

We highly recommend bringing the whole family to choose a new pet. We do test our dogs to see if they are unusually aggression around other dogs, but we do not test with cats. We suggest your bring in your dog (not cats) to a meet and greet here at the shelter.  What vaccinations are the animals given?

How Long Do You Keep Dogs and Cats?

 We are required by ordinance to hold stray dogs for 3 business days if they have no identification and 5 business days when the dog has identification. There is no legal requirement to hold cats without identification. Cats with identification are held for 5 business days.

There is no maximum amount of time an animal will be held here at SCRAPS. There are no "time or space" policies here at our shelter. Our staff works to get every animal adopted, transferred to another agency of placed with a rescue group.

SCRAPS is an open admission, progressive shelter. We take every stray homeless animal that is brought to us and, unlike other groups, we have no right of refusal.   Also, as with all other agencies in our area, we euthanize only in the case of extreme illness or aggression. 

Vaccinations Given to the Animals at SCRAPS

Every dog impounded here at SCRAPS is given Duramune Max 5 - a distemper combination vaccine, and Bordetella Vaccine for kennel cough prevention.

Cats are given Fel-O-Guard Plus 3 - Feline Rhinotracheitis-calici-panleukopenia Vaccine.

All animals are checked multiple times a day by our staff and placed in our special quarantine room at the first sign of any illness.

Are training classes offered?

Free basic dog obedience classes are offered the 1st, and 3rd Saturday of each month. Please call SCRAPS in advance to sign up for the class which begins at 11:00 a.m.  The classes are taught here at the Regional Facility located at 6815 E. Trent.

Do I have to license my indoor cats?

Yes, all cats and dogs must be licensed according to Spokane County Ordinance. Only 4% of the cats that come here to SCRAPS find their owner.  This statistic is directly related to the number of cat owners who do not license or micro chip their cats. 

Do you offer veterinary services?

SCRAPS does not offer veterinary services.

I'm having a problem with my pet!

Chewing, chasing, nipping and spraying are all common problems that your pet can develop. SCRAPS has a large amount of behavior literature to help you teach "proper" behavior to your furry friends. Click here to see our list of resources.

Does SCRAPS handle wildlife such as skunks or raccoons?

No, the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife is whom you should contact regarding wildlife. They can be reached at (509) 892-1001.