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Help the Animals

Make a donation to SCRAPS and 'Help us help them!'SCRAPS Online Donations!

Online donations will now be made online through a secure network!

  • Donate quickly and securely by credit card or eCheck
  • Make recurring donations
  • Direct your donation to a specific need
  • Give on behalf or in memory of a friend or loved one (including pets!)

Donate to SCRAPS now !

Two dogs running in waterDonate

Thank you for giving to the SCRAPS animal shelter through the SCRAPS Hope Foundation. The Foundation is a non-profit started to assist SCRAPS with life-saving programs. These programs include the Animal Medical Fund, the Behavior Program and Educational Outreach.

Often, SCRAPS receives sick or injured stray animals who require medical attention. SCRAPS doesn’t have a veterinarian on staff, so these animals are sent to local area veterinarians. These costs are not included in our general budget and are paid for by your donations alone. Without donations we would not be able to provide the high level of care we believe these animals deserve.

The SCRAPS Hope Foundation Behavior Program supports pet guardians with group training classes and private behavioral sessions, along with behavioral assessments of shelter animals. SCRAPS has two dog trainers on staff which allows SCRAPS to give our animals the best chance they have for adoption. The Behavior Program provides free dog training classes to the public and helps keep animals in their homes.

SCRAPS Educational Outreach Program provides Humane Education to our community's youth.

These programs are made possible only through your generous contributions. Thank you for helping us, help them!

Make a donation to SCRAPS and 'Help us help them!'

Become a Pet Pal

Your donation of $120 (with small sign) or $250 (large sign with  message) sponsors a dog or cat kennel for one year with all the proceeds going directly to animal care in the shelter. If you are interested in becoming a Pet Pal, contact SCRAPS at 477-2752 to find out more..

Cat in kennel Dog in kennel

Report abuse

If you know of or suspect animal abuse activity please call us at 477-2532 or submit an online complaint.

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