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Records Request

If you would like to make a records request, you can download the form here.

Online Complaint Form 

Use this form to report recent incidents regarding animals. Fill out the form below as completely as possible, then use the Submit button for the form to be processed.  The items with asterisks (*) are required. If this is an emergency do not use this form - please call 477-2533.

All complaints will be recorded the same day as received except for Sunday and holidays. Complaints will be assigned to an animal control officer, and depending on priority will generally be handled within 1-3 days. Please let us know if the problem is not resolved.

In order for us to properly handle your complaint, we may need to either verify the information or gather additional information. We may not be able to verify or secure the information needed if you do not provide contact information.

Barking Complaints - In the Statement Box below, please note 3 dates/times (beginning and ending) when the barking was a problem for you.  We also need a description of the dog(s) that are a problem.  Make sure to include the pet owners address!


If confidentiality is an issue, please note that in the statement field and we will do our best, within the confines of the law, to not disclose your identity without prior notice and permission.


Fill out the form completely then use the Submit button at the bottom, to process the form.

Complainant's Information
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