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Forms Explanations and Downloads

There are many forms that you will see and be asked to sign during the course of your case. Two of the most common are discussed here.

The Information or Complaint

The Information, or Complaint is the "charging document," the form that starts the case. You are entitled to a copy of the document. It tells you the law you are accused of violating (the statutory citation), the court case number and the police report number.  It will also give you some information about the crime itself.

The Statement of Defendant on Plea of Guilty

The Statement of Defendant on Plea of Guilty.   This document is usually produced after a plea bargain is reached. It is a long and important document, and contains a great deal of information about what rights you are losing, and what obligations you are assuming. It is the document your attorney will have you sign, and the judge will ask you about in court. NOTE: the forms on these websites are not the same as your case, because the blanks are not filled in. Nevertheless, they are used in every case, and reviewing them now may answer some of your questions, or remind you of certain questions you want to ask your attorney before proceeding.

You can review a copy of a guilty plea form at the Washington Courts website: