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Public Information Disclosure

Much about a criminal case is public information. Your court file (NOT your attorney's file) is an example. Any member of the public, including yourself, or a newspaper reporter, can go to the court clerk's office and review your file. It includes the charges, a summary of the evidence, court dates, any sentence that is imposed, as well as other information.

Understand that the judge or attorneys have no control over what the newspaper or television choose to report about a case.

The Superior Court Clerk maintains public felony and felony probation files on the third floor of the main courthouse. The phone number is 509-477-2211.

The District Court (misdemeanor) files are available to the public on the first floor of the Public Safety Building. 

Juvenile Files are maintained by a branch of the Superior Court Clerk, in the juvenile building, kitty-corner from the main courthouse to the Northwest.   (Note: some kinds of juvenile court files are not available to the public.  Ask your attorney if you have questions.)

The information in your public defender's file, and whatever you tell your public defender, is NOT public information.  This non-public information stays in your attorney's file in the public defender's office, and is NOT available to the public.