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Community Supervision

Probation Counselors administer a statewide risk and needs assessment called,  Positive Achievement Change Tool (PACT). The assessment helps the Probation Counselor identify what is leading the youth to commit crimes. It also helps them identify what evidence based programs the youth is eligible for. They then develop regular case plans with the youth, establishing goals and action steps, and also monitor their compliance with the court order. Family participation in this process is critical for the youth's success.

Probation Counselors collaborate with community resources to reduce risk factors and strengthen protective factors.  Juvenile Court contracts with various agencies in the community to provide family counseling, sex offender treatment, drug and alcohol treatment, and in-house evidence based programs.

Cases are assigned to Probation Counselors using three criteria:

  • Where the offender lives, and/or
  • The offense
  • PACT risk level

Violations of Probation

Violations of Probation are handled using a variety of graduated sanctions that include:

  • Informal accountability agreements
  • Community service work
  • Attendance at the Evening Reporting Program
  • Electronic monitoring
  • Secure Detention


Teenagers work on the Division Street Mural Project

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