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Weekend Program

The Weekend Program began in the fall of 2004 and is an alternative to confinement for status offenders (Truancy, Dependency, and At-Risk-Youth) who are in contempt of their court order.

Download the Weekend Program Brochure

Youth attending a weekend program classYouth are ordered to attend up to four Saturdays. Each Saturday consists of a three hour class followed by three hours of community service. The program encourages status offenders to identify reasons for continued violation of at-risk and truancy petitions and to learn the skills and specific steps needed to make better decisions in the future. In the afternoon youth participate in service activities at non-profit sites throughout the community.

Weekend Program Contacts 


Teresa Beacham
Probation Counselor
(509) 477-2431

Terry Lacoursiere
Probation Counselor
(509) 477-6381

Larry Koch
Program Coordinator
(509) 477-2476

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