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Annual Financial Reports

Audited Financial Statements

Spokane County prepares annual financial statements in conformity with government accounting and reporting standards.  The Washington State Auditor’s Office audits the financial statements of Spokane County and issues a formal opinion on the accuracy and reliability of those statements every year.  The County received the best rating possible on each of the reports listed below.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) is an optional, more expansive presentation of financial information.  Spokane County prepares an unaudited CAFR every year to provide citizens and other interested parties with additional financial detail.  Although much of what is included in the CAFR has been audited by the State Auditor, various components have not been subjected to audit.  The entire CAFR is considered an unaudited document.

Fiscal Year Click on Link below for
Unaudited CAFR
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State Audit Report
 FY 2014  CAFR  Audit
 FY 2013  CAFR  Audit
 FY 2012  CAFR  Audit
 FY 2011  CAFR  Audit
 FY 2010  CAFR  Audit
 FY 2009  CAFR  Audit
 FY 2008  CAFR  Audit