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No Shooting Areas Information and Resources

For additional information on the designated No Shooting Areas or the No Shooting Area petition process, please email or call.
Spokane County Engineers Office
Attn: Lori Schoonover
1026 W. Broadway Avenue
Spokane, WA 99260-0170
509/477-3600 Main | 509/477-7478 Fax
Shooting Area Advisory Committee Public Hearing Notice

Monday, May 18th 2015 | 4:00 pm
Spokane County Public Works Building | Lower Level Hearing Room
1026 W. Broadway Ave | Spokane, WA  99260

Public Hearing Active Petitions

DNR Parcel and surrounding parcels Located near South Bank Road, Nine Mile Falls, WA
Petition Type:  No Shooting Area
Petition Area Map:  print/view  

DNR Parcel Located between Owens Rd and Denison Chattaroy Rd, Deer Park, WA
Parcel No: 38204.9010
Petition Type:  No Shooting Area
Petition Area Map:  print/view

DNR Parcel Located off Bowie Rd, Medical Lake, WA
Parcel No: 06365.9034
Petition Type:  No Shooting with Restricted Shooting
Petition Area Map:  print/view

Completed Petitions

DNR Parcel east of Thierman Rd and north of E Columbia Dr
Petition Type:  No Shooting Area
Petition Area Map:  print/view 
Public Hearing Notice:  print/view 
Resolution No 2015-0190  Approved print/view

Following a review of all information and public testimony given during a public hearing held Wed. Feb. 11, 2015 by the Shooting Area Advisory Committee, a letter of recommendation from the advisory committee was submitted to the Board of County Commissioners in support of the area being designation as a no shooting area.  The Board of County Commissioners voted in favor of establishing the described area as a no shooting area.  

How The Petition Process Works

What happens when a request is made to have an area be considered for inclusion as a No Shooting Area, No Bow and Arrow Area or No Shooting and No Bow and Arrow Area?  This same process is followed in the event an established area is to be considered for exclusion.

  1. The proponent must first submit an application No Shoot Application Letter answering basic questions to the Spokane County Engineer's Office, 1026 W. Broadway Avenue, Spokane WA 99260.
  2. Upon receipt County staff will review the application and generate a petition with the names and parcel numbers of all property owners within the requested area.
  3. The petition will be sent to the applicant who then will need to obtain signatures of at least 50% of the effected owners who live in the petition area who are in support of the proposal and return the petition to the Spokane County Engineer's Office.
  4. Upon receipt of a petition with sufficient signatures of the owners within the area, a public meeting will be scheduled to act upon the proposal.  

No Shooting Area Designations (Spokane County Code Chapter 6.06)
Areas of unincorporated Spokane County can be designated as either 1) 'No Shooting Areas', 2) 'No Bow and Arrow Areas', 3) 'No Shooting and No Bow and Arrow Areas' or 4) 'Restricted Shooting Areas'.  (Currently, only 'No Shooting Areas' have been established in the unincorporated areas of Spokane County).


"Bow and Arrow"

means an instrument consisting of a curved, flexible strip of material strung taut from end to end (bow) used to launch a straight, thin shaft with a pointed head (arrow).


means any shotgun, fowling piece, rifle, BB gun, air compression rifle, pellet gun, revolver, pistol, or other firearm which projects any bullet, shot, slug, pellet, BB, or any other missile or projectile of any nature.

"Restricted Shooting"

means a specific designation within a "No Shooting Area" or "No Shooting and No Bow and Arrow Area" wherein it is lawful to discharge a shotgun during hunting season as established by the appropriate Washington State agency.

Prohibited Acts:

It is unlawful for any person to discharge a gun in any of the No Shooting Areas. Provided however, it is not unlawful to discharge a shotgun in any No Shooting Area which has also been designated as a "Restricted Shooting Area" (see definition above) during specific hunting season(s) as established by the appropriate Washington State agency. 

It is unlawful for any person to shoot a bow and arrow in any of the No Bow and Arrow Areas.

It is unlawful for any person to discharge a gun (except as provided for in "Restricted Shooting Areas") (see definition above) in any of the No Shooting and No Bow and Arrow Areas.

For more specific information or the full text of the No Shooting Area regulation, see Chapter 6.06 of the Spokane County Code.

 Additional Resources/Information

WA State Dept of Fish and Wildlife

WA State Dept of Natural Resources