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Road Maintenance

Snow Plowing Priority Routes During snow events, Spokane County crews work in 12-hour shifts around the clock to ensure the entire 2,527 road system is plowed. During the month of November, due to the most snow fall on record for the month of November, crews worked by repeatedly returning to plowing/sanding emergency routes, primary arterials and secondary roads (in that order). Snow Plowing Priority Routes Map.

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Street Sweeping Schedules

Street cleaning is the final phase of our winter maintenance program. The sand and gravel that we apply to icy roads is removed because of the dust and traction problems it creates once the ice and snow is gone. Normally this is started in the early spring when overnight temperatures stay above freezing. The process is completed in mid summer. Street cleaning crews usually consist of four (4) street sweepers and one (1) water flush truck in Maintenance District 4 and two (2) street sweepers and one (1) flush truck in Maintenance District 1. The first step is to flush material from the road over to the edge of the road in order to remove the material with the least number of sweeping passes. The material must also be kept damp during the sweeping operation to eliminate dust. Sweeping services are arranged according to the same priority system as the snow removal. Please be advised, street sweeping schedules are subject to change at any time. 

Maintenance District 1
Week of May 5, 2014 View Map
Week of May 12, 2014 View Map 
Week of May 19, 2014 View Map
Week of June 2, 2014 View Map 
(Northview, Fairwood, Peone Pines, Lower Gleneden, Wellington Hts.) 
Week of June 9, 2014 View Map   (Hawthorne, Wall, Monroe, Rivilla) 
Week of June 16, 2014 View Map
Week of July 7, 2014 View Map
Week of July 14. 2014 View Map
Week of July 21, 2014 View Map
Week of Oct 18 through November 4, 2014 View List
Maintenance District 2
Week of June 9, 2014 View Map   (Hangman Hills area)
 Maintenance District 3  
 Maintenance District 4
Week of May 19, 2014 View Map   (Peone, Stoneman, Orchard Prairie)
Week of June 2, 2014 View Map   (Otis Orchards Area)
Week of June 2, 2014 View Map   (Argonne Rd/Upriver Dr Main Routes)
Week of June 9, 2014 View Map  (57th Ave)


Rehabilitation and Preservation Strategies Spokane County maintains 2,527.01 miles of county roads. These roads consist of 8.93 miles of concrete roads, 162.37 miles of dirt and summer roads, 985.79 miles of gravel roads and 1369.92 miles of oil and paved roads.

The maintenance department is responsible for repairs and maintenance of the road system. Activities include snowplowing, sanding icy roads, street cleaning, filling potholes, resurfacing paved roads, grading and adding gravel to roads, clearing out drainage structures, trimming vegetation along the right-of-way, repairing missing or damaged traffic signs, restoring malfunctioning signals, and other miscellaneous tasks.

Activities are prioritized in a way that address potentially dangerous situations first, followed by regular repairs, then preventive maintenance as funds allow. To read more on the different type of road maintenance activities and the most common issues on Spokane County roads, please visit...

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