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Court Forms

All of the forms listed here are PDF documents and you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view them. The Criminal/Infraction forms have been saved as "fill-in" capable forms which can be filled in online and printed (or printed blank and filled in.) Note: version 4 and older Adobe Acrobat may have trouble processing the forms correctly.

Spokane District Court Forms


 Civil Protection Order Cases

  • Domestic Violence Protection Order Petitions
  • Anti-Harassment Protection Order Petitions
  • Sexual Assault Protection Order Petitions
  • Law Enforcement Information Form (required)
  • Return of Service Form (required)


Small Claims


Most of the Criminal/Infraction forms have been saved as "fill-in" capable pdf forms which can be filled in online and printed, as well as printed blank and filled in.

The number of required printed copies for each document are listed in parenthesis.


Name Change

Name changes for individuals under 18 must be done in Superior Court. Name change orders must be typed and in black ink.