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Mitigation Guidelines

To see if you qualify for a reduction:

  • For tickets issued within Spokane County, contact Spokane County District Court at 509-477-4770 ext. 5.

In order to qualify for a reduction under mitigation guidelines you must have:

Responded to the Court within 15 days of the violation date. 


If you qualify for a reduction under Mitigation Guidelines, examples of some of the reductions are listed below:

$113 REDUCED TO $95 $124 REDUCED TO $100 $216 REDUCED TO $175
$224 REDUCED TO $180 $550 REDUCED TO $440  

Additional Information:

  • No reductions on School zone/Playground/park tickets, Construction zone tickets, or Passing a School Bus with lights flashing. Overweight tickets must appear in court for reductions.
  • County Parking ticket reductions: You must have no unpaid tickets
  • NO VALID OP LICENSE 2nd: Reduced to $128 w/proof of valid license with timely response
  • NEGLIGENT DRIVING 2nd: 1st offense w/in 2 yrs, No FTA's, valid license - reduced to $325.
  • Proof of purchase of car seat for infant / Medical certification for Seatbelt: Must set court date
  • Failure to present Proof of Insurance - Dismissed if proof of coverage on vehicle cited is submitted within 90 days of date of violation
  • Insurance timely response reduction - with proof of insurance obtained after the violation date - No FTA's - Valid Lic - as follows:
    • 1st offense w/proof - $200
    • 2nd offense w/proof - $325