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Spokane County Library Board of Trustees

Purpose of the Spokane County Library Board of Trustees

The purpose of the board is to provide public library services to residents of unincorporated Spokane County, contracting and annexed cities and towns. Funding comes primarily from a property tax levy within the District that is controlled by state law.

Meeting Information

4322 N. Argonne, Spokane WA

Meets the third Tuesday of every month at 4:00 pm. Meetings are subject to change.

2016 Spokane County Library District Board of Trustees

  • Mark Johnson, Chair 12/31/2016
  • John Craig, Vice Chair 12/31/18
  • Sonja Carlson, Trustee 12/31/2019
  • Kristin Thompson, Trustee 12/31/2017
  • Wesley Teterud, Trustee 12/31/2020

Member Specifications

Members: 5

Term: Board appointments are for five year terms; however, appointments to fill an unexpired term are for only the time remaining on that term. Trustees are then eligible for reappointment for only one additional term.

Details: Preferred qualifications are as follows:

  • Spokane County Library District customer interested in public library services, in the community, and in the public library's relationship to the community
  • Recognition of the public library's importance as a center of information, of community culture, continuing education, and recreation
  • Willingness to serve as an advocate for public libraries
  • History of active participation in community activities
  • Previous governing or advisory board experience
  • Open mindedness, intellectual curiosity, and respect for the opinions of others
  • Ability to work effectively with others; trustees, director, staff, and the public
  • Ability to think critically in planning and problem solving
  • Willingness to devote the necessary time and effort to carry out the trusteeship responsibilities

A trustee of a public library is a public officer who occupies the role of fiduciary with regard to the citizens of the governmental unit served. A trustee who violates this trust or fiduciary duty may be enjoined from so acting as a trustee, suspended, removed, made to pay civil damages, criminally fined or convicted or sentenced to a term of imprisonment.

Responsibilities/Time Commitment

Responsibilities are as follows:

  • Employ a competent and qualified library executive director
  • Adopt appropriate written policies to govern the operation and services of the Library District
  • Secure adequate funding to carry out Library District programs and services
  • Adopt an annual budget
  • Become familiar with appropriate local and state laws; actively represent District interests to the State Legislature
  • Reflect community needs and interests when considering library services and programs
  • Communicate information about District programs, services, and needs to the community
  • Attend all board meetings, workshops, and training activities
  • Foster cooperation with other area libraries to maximize use of available resources

 Time Commitment involves:

  • Attend regularly scheduled board meetings (11-12 per year as scheduled)
  • Attend special meetings/workshops (1-2 per year, as needed; sometimes in conjunction with regular meeting)
  • Attend trustee training activities (usually no more than 1 or 2 per year outside scheduled meetings)
  • Attend one board orientation after appointment (4 hours)
  • Occasional attendance at community and District meetings and activities
  • Read background materials sent prior to each meeting
  • Read weekly informational and news update emails or mailings
  • Check e-mail daily for District information and respond when appropriate


Spokane County Code/WAC & RCW References

State RCW 27.12

Contact Information

Mark Johnson
(509) 893-8200