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North Hatch


The North Hatch Subarea is generally bounded on the west by Highway 395, on the north by Bridle Trail Road, on the east by Hatch Road and on the south by the lower Gleneden area.



Water is supplied by the Witworth Water District.

Fire District

East of Hatch Road is served by Fire District #9 and west of Hatch Road is served by Fire District #4.


Spokane County has sewer extensions in the area.


There are no designated critical areas within the boundaries of the subarea.

Present Zoning

Zoning within the boundaries of the subarea include UR 3.5 and a small amount of UR-7 on the corner of Franklin and Blackhawk.

Land Use Classes

The Spokane County Comprehensive Plan designations contained within the boundaries of the subarea are light industrial, low-density residential, urban reserve, rural, rural conservation, and mineral land.

Generalized Land Use

The North Hatch neighborhood consists of mainly newer subdivision homes. There is a large empty parcel that is designated Community Commercial.


There are no designated cultural or historic resources in the North Hatch Neighborhood.

Building Conditions

The housing is relatively new in the area.


The North Hatch neighborhood has concerns about the Community Commercial designation in their neighborhood. The owner of the parcel has recently submitted a Comprehensive Plan Amendment request to the Division of Planning to change the designation to permit a higher degree of usage. No pre-planning meetings have been conducted in the area.