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Collaborative Planning

Collaborative Planning: Implementation Report Collaborative Planning: Implementation Report (December 2009) documents the collaborative planning efforts in Spokane County over the past four years.  Included are proposed development regulations, a fiscal assessment of Spokane County including a Line of Business Analysis and the  Spokane County Fiscal Story, an application of collaborative planning to the proposed annexation of the West Plains area, and priorities for the establishment of interlocal agreements.  Three appendices are included:

Appendix A: Development Regulations
Appendix B: Fiscal Strategies
Appendix C: Interlocal Agreements


Collaborative Planning: Development Regulation ReportCollaborative Planning: Development Regulations Report (July 2007) lays the groundwork for coordinated planning within the urban growth areas.  It evaluates the differences in currently adopted development regulations, provides objective data upon which to base coherent future land use decisions, and develops alternatives for implementation.


A Fiscal Look at Spokane County Urban Growth Areas A Fiscal Look at Spokane County Urban Growth Areas (July 2007) was a snapshot of the cost of providing selected services and the revenues collected in urban growth areas in 2006.  The purpose of the report was to get a quick evaluation of the cost of annexations to Spokane County.


Regional Collaboration for an Urban Growth Area UpdateRegional Collaboration for an Urban Growth Area Update (May 2008) was prepared for the Growth Management Steer Committee of Elected Officials by its Planning Technical Advisory Committee composed of planners for Spokane County and each city and town in Spokane County.  The study is an analysis of population, land use, and urban service needs of the Metro Urban Growth Area.


Ten-Year Urban Growth Area UpdateTen-Year Urban Growth Area Update (October 2009) provides an overview of the regional work to be undertaken by the Planning Technical Advisory Committee in its 10-year review of the Spokane County Urban Growth Area.