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A Message from the Assessor

January 23, 2014

2014 Levy Certification

The assessor’s office calculates levy rates each January. The levy calculations are based on the amount of money requested by each taxing district. The assessor calculates the request as a rate or levy within statutory limitations. There are voted levies and non-voted levies (regular levies). In Spokane County for 2014 tax collections, 53.47 percent are non-voted levies and 46.53 percent are voted levies.

The assessor certifies the levy rates and tax collection amounts to the county treasurer based on information from each district. The county treasurer collects the taxes for all districts, which includes all municipalities. Each taxing district spends property tax revenue according to their statutory responsibilities and financial obligations.

The amount of money that is expected to be collected in 2014 is 509.7 million. The 56 taxing districts are grouped below to summarize the tax dollar distribution.

Taxing District Group Dollars
Schools $288,305,408.07
Cities $83,169,453.15
County $70,986,805.87
Fire $56,690,136.77
Library $10,351,840.50
Other $246,235.79
Total Dollars $509,749,880.15


The property tax collections for the previous year totaled 501.7 million. The average county-wide levy rate dropped slightly from the previous year. Actual rates will vary significantly between taxing districts. The average rate for the last 4 years:

Year Levy Rate
2014 13.7651
2013 13.8601
2012 13.2867
2011 12.9440


The taxable value of the county, including state assessed properties, increased from 36.4 billion to 37.2 billion.

Detailed information about 2014 levy rates will be published on this website in the coming weeks.

Vicki Horton