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Geographic Information Services

Assessor Maps for Spokane County


Interactive Spokane County Map - provides a graphical map interface to Spokane County property parcel data.

Map of the Current Use Value Changes

2006 Current Use Value Changes

County Thematic Maps

Spokane County Map
Shaded Relief Map
Historical Township Map
Cemetery Map

Parcel Conversion Status Map

Municipality Maps

Airway Heights
Deer Park
Liberty Lake
Medical Lake
Spokane Valley
SpokaneLink to Spokane City

Advalorem Tax Districts & Consolidated TCA

Tax Year 2005

Cemetery Districts 2005
Consolidated Tax Code Area 2005
Fire Districts 2005
Park and Rec Districts 2005
School Districts 2005
Sewer Districts 2005
Transportation Districts 2005
Water Districts 2005

Tax Year 2006

Cemetery Districts 2006
Consolidated Tax Code Area 2006
Fire Districts 2006
Park and Rec Districts 2006
School Districts 2006
Sewer Districts 2006
Transportation Districts 2006
Water Districts 2006

Tax Year 2007

Cemetery Districts 2007
Consolidated Tax Code Area 2007
Fire Districts 2007
Park and Rec Districts 2007
School Districts 2007
Sewer Districts 2007
Transportation Districts 2007
Water Districts 2007

Tax Year 2008

Cemetery Districts 2008
Consolidated Tax Code Area 2008
Fire Districts 2008
Park and Rec Districts 2008
School Districts 2008
Sewer Districts 2008
Transportation Districts 2008
Water Districts 2008

Tax Year 2009

Cemetery Districts 2009
Consolidated Tax Code Area 2009
Fire Districts 2009
Park and Rec Districts 2009
School Districts 2009
Sewer Districts 2009
Transportation Districts 2009
Water Districts 2009

Tax Year 2010

Cemetery Districts 2010
Consolidated Tax Code Area 2010
Fire Districts 2010
Park and Rec Districts 2010
School Districts 2010
Transportation Districts 2010
Water Districts 2010

Tax Year 2011

Cemetery Districts 2011
Consolidated Tax Code Area 2011
Fire Districts 2011
Park and Rec Districts 2011
School Districts 2011
Transportation Districts 2011

Tax Year 2012

Cemetery Districts 2012
Consolidated Tax Code Areas 2012
Fire Districts 2012
Park and Rec Districts 2012
School Districts 2012
Transportation Districts 2012

Tax Year 2013

Cemetery Districts 2013
Consolidated Tax Code Areas 2013
Fire Districts 2013
Park and Rec Districts 2013
School Districts 2013
Transportation Districts 2013

Tax Year 2014

Cemetery Districts 2014
Consolidated Tax Code Areas 2014
Fire Districts 2014
Park and Rec Districts 2014
School Districts 2014
Transportation Districts 2014

Tax Year 2015

Cemetery Districts 2015
Consolidated Tax Code Areas 2015
Fire Districts 2015
Park and Rec Districts 2015
School Districts 2015

Tax Year 2016

Cemetery Districts 2016
Consolidated Tax Code Areas 2016
Fire Districts 2016
Park and Rec Districts 2016
School Districts 2016

Tax Year 2017

Link to Counter Maps

Click here for Counter Maps
Click here for Historical Counter Maps

The section, township, range, numbers are generally contained within your parcel number.  For example, let's examine parcel number 28332.9026.  From left to right, the first number in the parcel number is part of the range.  The second number in the parcel number is part of the township.  The third and fourth numbers in the parcel number are the section number.  The fifth number in the parcel number indicates the north or south half of the section or if the parcel overlaps into another section. 

In Spokane County, all range numbers are two-digit numbers in the 40s and all township numbers are two-digit numbers in the 20s.  Since the first number in this parcel number is "2"  and represents the second digit of the range, the range is 42.  Since the second number in this parcel number is "8" and represents the second digit of the township, the township is 28.   Since the third and fourth numbers are the section number, the section is 33. 

Now, if the fifth number is a 1 or 2, the parcel is in the north half of the section.  If the number is 3 or 4, the parcel is in the south half of the section.  Higher numbers (5-9) indicate that the parcel overlaps another section.  So, there is a logical method that establishes your parcel number.

Link to Segregation Documents

To retrieve the Segregation Documents you must go to the website "Pubpadal". Once there, you can search for your parcel and find the documents related to the parcel of interest, then click on the link "Parcel Documents".

Click here to go to PubPadal's website.

Contact the Assessor

Contact the Assessor
To view the following Maps, you will need the Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. This product is freeware and may be downloaded at the Adobe website.