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Call Volume

On average, Spokane County 911 handles 761 9-1-1 calls and 645 Crime Check calls for service per day. 

In 2014 ,Spokane County 911 received 506,234 total phone calls, an increase of 10,651 from 2013. In 2014 we received 273,960 911 calls, and 232,274 Crime Check calls. Call volume varies by season and hour.

Class of Service for 2014

Wireline 16%
Wireless 77%
VOiP      7%

Top Five Types of Calls for 2014

31,535  Medics
21,444  9-1-1 Hang Up
13,975  Theft
10,842  Reckless Driver
10,821  Supicious Person

Shift Supervisor

The shift supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the center operates efficiently and assists call receivers in exceeding both public and first responder expectations during a typical work shift.

Call Receiver

Call receivers answer both emergency and non-emergency lines. Crime Check, the non-emergency number is a service provided by Spokane County 911. Call receivers answer calls, process reports and other information from the public.

The average 911 call lasts just over a minute and a half.

The average Crime Check call lasts 3 minutes.

In February 2015  Crime Check processed 3,062 police reports .

Total reports for 2014- 50,583

Total reports for 2013 - 43,179

Total reports for 2012 - 41,029

Total reports for 2011 - 35,198

Total reports for 2010  - 32,407