Conklin, 44th, Jackson, Linke, Chapman R I D #172

Conklin Road, 44th Avenue, Jackson Road, Linke Road, and Chapman Road R I D #R172

The R I D is located in the Spokane Valley east of Sullivan Road and south of Saltese Road. The district was formed in the summer of 2007 and construction was completed in 2007.

Spokane County crews prepared the roadway for asphalt in conjunction with routine re-gravel maintenance work. Roadway preparation included ditching, installation of culverts, widening and placing gravel base. Inland Asphalt Company was contracted to place the asphalt.

The R I D improvements paved almost 4 miles. The paved width is 22 feet plus gravel shoulders.

Total R I D cost amounted to $496,404. The Spokane County road fund contributed $74,461to the cost. The remaining $421,943 was assessed to 130 parcels in the district. Parcels were assessed between $1900 and $3860 each, depending upon their location, roadway frontage and access route.