Foreclosure Information

Spokane County held it's online auction in January 2017. There were 40 parcels taken to sale, 30 of which sold yielding more than the minimum bid. The minimum bid is set to cover the amount of back taxes, interest, penalties and other fees owed to Spokane County. The next foreclosure auction will be held in January 2018. A 2nd auction, of the remaining parcels, will be held 1 week later.

For more information, contact the Treasurer’s Office at 509-477-2073 during regular business hours.

Foreclosure Information

Real property foreclosure proceedings will start if any one tax, assessment or lien is three full years delinquent. For more information on property in foreclosure related to an improvement district assessment, please contact 509-477-4713.

If personal property and/or mobile homes on leased land become delinquent, the Treasurer can start the foreclosure process at any time. If the first half personal property tax is not paid, the full amount is delinquent and must be paid in full with all interest, costs, and penalties.

Current Parcels in Foreclosure 

  The document Parcels in Foreclosure is available for viewing and printing in PDF format.
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The Treasurer’s Office is not involved in foreclosure sales held weekly, such as those by mortgage companies or other entities, which may be held in the courthouse or on the grounds as it is public property. For these other types of foreclosures, a Notice of Trustee Sale is filed with the County Auditor. The Auditor’s Office has a kiosk available for the public to make their own searches. For additional information, please contact the Spokane County Auditor’s Office.

Distraint Information

The Spokane County Treasurer has distrained a video arcade business for unpaid delinquent personal property taxes. The items listed on the inventory list below will be sold in an online auction to satisfy the unpaid taxes. The auction will take place on the website:  The auction will start at 1:00 pm PST on April 14th, 2017 and end at 1:00pm PST on April 21st, 2017. Registration is required on the website to bid.

Photos can be viewed at:'s%20Distraint%20Sale%20Inventory%20%26%20Photos/

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] or call 509-477-5746

Distraint Terms of Sale (PDF)

2017 Notice of Sale

Current Distraint Auction Inventory