Alcohol & Drug Offense License Revocation Policies

The Diversion Program is required by law to notify the Department of Licensing (DOL) when you sign a diversion agreement for violation of laws relating to alcohol or other drugs. Notification will be provided within 24 hours of the signing of the agreement. The DOL, upon notification, will advise you by mail of a revocation date.

Display or possession of a revoked or suspended license is a traffic infraction in Washington State.

The DOL will also send a letter explaining their procedures and the steps you must take to have your driving privileges reinstated.

Early Reinstatement Requirements
The following requirements must be met for early reinstatement:
  • Diversion will notify the DOL when you complete your diversion agreement and, in cases of early reinstatement, the DOL will send notification to you when you are eligible to reinstate your driving privilege.
  • 45 days must elapse from the date you sign the Diversion Agreement to the start of your revocation period. You will be notified by the DOL exactly what day you must stop driving.
  • On a first offense the DOL will reinstate your driving privileges no earlier than 90 days from the date you sign a diversion agreement or 90 days after you reach 16 years of age (whichever is longer).
  • On a second offense the DOL will reinstate your driving privileges no earlier than one year from the date you sign a diversion agreement or age 17 (whichever is longer).
  • Failing to complete or turn in verification of completion of your diversion agreement conditions will delay reinstatement. Successfully completing your agreement by due dates will make you eligible for early reinstatement.
Additional Drug & Alcohol Charges
Revocation periods for each new offense are applied consecutively. The revocation period for a second or subsequent drug or alcohol offense will not begin until the revocation period for the previous offense(s) has expired.

Revocation Rules
The rules regarding license revocation are as follows:
  • Your driving privilege is revoked for one year or until age 17, whichever is longer, for a first violation and for two years or until age 18, whichever is longer, for a second or subsequent violation(s). The DOL will reinstate your privilege earlier if they receive notice from the Diversion program that you have completed all conditions of your diversion agreement and if suspension or revocation action has not been taken against you for other reasons.
  • A juvenile who is convicted of driving while their license is revoked pursuant to this law is subject to an additional one year revocation in addition to other consequences.
  • If you have questions about DOL procedures, call 360-902-3900 in Olympia.
  • View the DOL License Revocation Information Policy Sheet (PDF) for more information.