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The Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service

Thank you for visiting our website.  As the regional animal provider for Spokane County, we offer a wide-range of programs and services including animal protection, animal licensing, responsible pet owner information and resource information. 
Our mission is to save pets, protect people and build a strong community.

  1. Pamper Your Pet this Month

    What are you planning on giving your special someone for Valentine’s Day? Read on...
  2. Proposed Amendment to SCRAPS

    SCRAPS is proposing an amendment to revise the Spokane Count Code. This revision includes updated definitions, a new section about Community Cats, a $3 increase to an animal license and the ability to modify restrictions on Potentially Dangerous Dogs. Additional Info...


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    Pamper Your Pet

    There's no better way to treat your pet than with actual treats! Read on...
  2. valentine 1.jpg

    Valentine's Day Safety

    Each year our poison control experts see a rise in case around February 14. Read on...
  3. valentine2.jpg

    Heart Healthy Reasons to Adopt a Pet

    An apple a day may or may not keep the doctor away. Read on...
  4. mardigras

    Pet Photography Tips and Techniques

    Learn the best practices for taking cute pictures of your animals!
  5. doggiemassage

    Massage Tips from SCRAPS

    Massage has been shown to reduce stress levels, increase circulation and decrease muscle pain in pets. Read on...