APPLICATION: Determination of Legal Availability of Water

The Application for Determination of Legal Availability of Water (DOLA application) provides the applicant a process to show they have a legal water supply in order to obtain a building permit within Spokane County. Introductory information on DOLA can be found on the Water Supply and Building Permits page.


The DOLA application is a printable paper application (below); it is not currently an online form. You may also obtain it at the Spokane County Building and Planning office in the Public Works Building at 1026 W Broadway Ave, Spokane, WA 99260.  Follow the instructions below to assist you in completing the application. You must submit it in person (along with associated documentation) at the Building and Planning office.  A $150.00 application fee is due at the time of application.

Before beginning the application, we recommend reading through the attached instructions. The general overview of the application is as follows:

Sections 1-3:  Completed by all applicants
Section 4:       Completed by only those choosing to use a cistern
Section 5:       Completed by only those who hold a water right permit or certificate
Section 6:       Completed by only those who have already established a domestic use on the parcel.
Section 7-8:    Completed by only those who will use a well and Sections 4-6 do not apply.
Section 9:       Completed by all applicants. 

Print DOLA application and instructions (PDF) here.