Established Domestic Use

If there was an existing domestic use on a parcel before October 26, 2016, then a building permit can be issued based on that use.  Examples include the rebuilding of a home lost during a fire, replacement of a manufactured home with a different type of residence, the addition of an attached dwelling unit, etc.  Spokane County ordinance specifies the requirements to issue a building permit based on an established use as follows:

  • Demonstration of existing domestic water or group use exempt from permitting requirements of RCW 90.44.050 on the same parcel identified on the building permit application, and the following criteria are met:
  • Water use must be associated with a structure recognized by the Spokane County Assessor as a permanent structure or structure built, placed, or reconstructed in accordance with a building permit accepted by the Spokane County Department of Building Planning on or before October 26, 2016; and
  • Water use must be for domestic purposes;

Demonstration that the water use was for domestic purposes includes the issuance of a building permit for a building that required a potable water supply or issuance of a permit for an onsite septic system.  Other forms of documentation can also be accepted, please contact Environmental Services for additional information.