Spokane County is committed to protecting our communities and the environment. Here you can find information and resources regarding litter clean-up, reporting litter, and organizing volunteer activities.

Spokane County

For right-of-way obstructions, litter and road hazards, go to the Public Works page.​

Reporting Complaints

Complaints of improper or illegal solid waste, animal waste or garbage on the ground are investigated by the Spokane Regional Health District. Solid waste includes garbage, rubbish, ashes, industrial wastes, demolition and construction wastes, abandoned vehicles or parts, discarded items, wood waste, medical waste, tires, recyclable items, sewage sludge and seepage (from septic tanks). Visit Spokane Regional Health District to fill out a Solid Waste Complaint Form.

City of Spokane

​Litter in the City of Spokane can be reported to 311 and a work crew will be dispatched. More resources can be found here.

Independent Districts

Liberty Lake
Spokane Valley

Spokane County Detention Services - Geiger Work Crew

Geiger Work Crew 2
Geiger Work Crew 1

Sergeant Jason Robison reported that once the snow disappeared, Spokane County Detention Services - Geiger Work Crew picked up an excess of 188,000 pounds of roadside litter in March and April this year. In 2016, the Geiger Work Crew cleaned up 112,860 pounds of litter thanks in part to funding from Ecology’s Community Litter Cleanup Program. Check out this map to view the routes where the Geiger Work Crew picks up litter in Spokane County.

The CLCP funds a variety of crews including youth and adult volunteer crews, juvenile rehabilitation crews, and state and local correctional crews made up of offenders doing either community service or jail time. For more information on litter statistics and clean-up groups visit Washington State Department of Ecology

To request a site clean-up or supplies for volunteer groups, visit Geiger Work Crew or call Sergeant Jason Robison at 509-477-1545. *Litter services and supplies are made possible when funds are available through a grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology.

Volunteers at the 2017 Spokane River Clean-Up collected 6,160 pounds of trash and 500 pounds of recyclables!