2016 DRAFT Standards for Road and Sewer Construction

The Spokane County Public Works Department, formerly Engineering and Roads, and the Environmental Services Department, formerly the Division of Utilities, are updating Spokane County Standards Manual for Road and Sewer Construction and are seeking comments from the public. In consideration of the reviewer’s time, the document has been organized into individual files based on subject matter so a reviewer can single out the sections of interest.

The major changes to the sections 1 through 10 of the document include a change in the requirements for connectivity, and reduction in the road sections for rural roads and urban private roads.

The update includes the following two new sections:

Section 11.00
 is the Sanitary Sewer Manual which provides guidelines, minimum requirements and procedures for developing planning and design documents for public and private sewers within Spokane County’s sewer service area. Technical Reference E is the Side Sewer Installation Handbook written to assist installers of private sanitary sewers constructed of 4” and 6” diameter pipe. The Handbook is intended to be a stand-alone document that will be dispensed to side sewer installers and the general public separate from the Standards manual.

Division 7 of the General Provisions has been greatly augmented to include construction specifications applicable to the sanitary sewer installation.  In this draft version, the specifications are appended to the end of Section 11.00.  In the final version, the specifications will be incorporated into Division 7 of the General Provisions.

Many of the Standards Plans for the Public Works Department, standard plans A-1 through B-20, have been updated to reflect current practice. Because those updates are not substantive to the current design and construction procedures, they have not been posted for review. The Standard Plans applicable to sanitary sewers, plans U-1 through U-25, have also been updated and some have been renumbered and all are available for review. The following Standard Plans are brand new:
 Intro Statement of Changes
 2016 DRAFT Road Standards for Road and Sewer Construction (amends 2010 version)
 Technical Reference C
 Technical Reference E - Side Sewer Installation Handbook 8/15/2016
    (Footer Date March 2, 2016)
 DRAFT Road and Drainage Standard Plan Drawings
 Section 11 - Sewer Standards Manual (Draft 8/1/2016)
     (Footer Date July 5, 2016)
 Table of Contents - Standard Plans
 U-1 Model - Manhole Types & Depths
 U-2 Model - Manhole Type I-48
 U-3 Model - Manhole Type I-60
 U-4 Model - Manhole Types II-72, II-96
 U-5 Model - Manhole Type III-48
 U-6 Model - Manhole Types III-60, III-72, III-96
 U-7 Model - Manhole Type IV
 U-8A Model - Dog House Manhole Installation *
 U-8B Model - Dog House Manhole Channeling and Barrel Configuration *
 U-9 Model -  Reducing Slabs and Manhole Steps
 U-10 Model - Manhole Ring and Cover
 U-11 Model - Manhole Invert Elevation Detail
 U-12 Model - Typical Channel Detail
 U-13 Model - Typical Manhole Placement in Signalized Intersection
 U-14A Model - Exterior Drop Manhole Connection
 U-14B Model - Interior Drop Manhole Connection
 U-15 Model - Main Line Sewer Cast-Out With Cast Iron Ring and Cover
 U-16 Model - Side Sewer Stub Record Drawing
 U-17 Model - Side Sewer Stub Installation
 U-18 Model - Pressure Side Sewer Stub Connection to Gravity Sewer
 U-19 Model - Pressure Side Sewer Stub Connection to Force Main
 U-20 Model - Filter Fabric Wrap for Pressure Value Assemblies and Extensions *
 U-21 Model - Pressure Side Sewer Stub Detail with Water Main Crossing *
 U-22 Layout - HDPE Pressure Sewer Pipe *
 U-23 Model - Terminal Flushing Connection for Low Pressure Sewer System
 U-24 Model - Typical Pipe Casing Detail (PVC or DI Carrier Type) *
 U-25 Model - Pipe Casing Detail (Concrete Carrier Pipe) *
 U-26 Model - Typical Pump Chamber Assembly

Please review the updated documents and provide feedback by December 16, 2016 to:

Matt Zarecor, P.E., Development Services
Spokane County Public Works
[email protected]
Mark Stiltz, Project Manager
Environmental Services
[email protected]