Jackson, Meadows, Progress #157

The R I D is located between Freeman and just east of Mica SR27. The district was formed in 2004 and construction completed in 2005. Spokane County crews paved the roadway in conjunction with routine re-gravel maintenance work.

The R I D improvements included paving 2.87 miles with bituminous surface treatment [BST or, as its generally called, “chip seal”], paving two cul-de-sacs, paving existing driveway approaches, clearing ditches, installation of culverts and installing guardrail. The paved width is 26 feet plus gravel shoulders.

Total R I D cost amounted to $663,800. The Spokane County road fund contributed $369,600 to the cost. That amount exceeded the normal road fund participation percentage primarily because of the greater community benefit to be served by paving Jackson Road. The remaining $294,200 was assessed to 67 parcels in the district. Parcels were assessed between $2750 to $6540, depending upon their location, roadway frontage and access route.